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BinTRACKS Innovative Storage Solution

February 20, 2014 by Gloria Mellinger  
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BinTRACKS™ Innovative Storage Solution

BinTRACKS™ storage system, from Hyperlily LLC, is an innovative solution to millions of households’ need for additional storage space. Designed for easy, do-it-yourself installation, BinTRACKS’ patent pending system will hang many styles and brands of plastic storage totes from garage, basement or closet ceilings. BinTRACKS’ standard unit is one double-sided track that retails for $12.99. A three pack will hang two bins, a four pack will hang three bins, an eight pack will hang seven bins, and so on.

Big money in store

“The storage industry is large and fast growing,” says Dane Found, product developer and company founder. “Many people are looking for cost effective solutions to storage issues. If you drive around almost any city, you will see several mini storage lockers because people are running out of space at home. This is an opportunity for vendors to get in on a market that is exploding.”

Like many Americans, Found was in critical need of additional storage space. “I came up with the idea out of need. We had moved from the East Coast where we had a basement, to California, where basements are uncommon. Our garage was so full, we couldn’t even park the car in it. The alternative was to rent a costly storage unit, but that isn’t convenient when you need to access something quickly. We already had several storage bins taking up valuable floor space, many of which were damaged from being stacked, and utilizing overhead space seemed a logical solution.”

From case to turnkey opportunities

BinTRACKS™ Innovative Storage SolutionWholesale prices begin with a minimum order of one case of 28 tracks. Hyperlily is also offering vendors a turnkey business opportunity with initial investment ranging from $1,495 to $12,495. In addition to product, vendors receive a display that demonstrates how tracks are used, brochures and other materials. “The top package includes a concession-style trailer designed to fit a 10 by 10 foot tradeshow booth,” Found explains. “It can open on one, two or three sides, and displays the tracks and how they mount to the ceiling. Another thing that is unique about our program is the opportunity for residual income. Upper level retailers receive a special code for their customers to use when purchasing additional product online. Their customers will receive an incentive like free shipping, and vendors’ accounts will be credited towards future product purchases.”

Retailers are invited to visit BinTRACKS at the ASDLV show, March 16-19, at booth SU3244.  During the show, business packages will be offered at special rates.

Hyperlily LLC

6713 Indiana Ave., Box 75
Riverside, CA 92506
Tel.: 951-389-4042


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