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10 Hot Products for Spring

February 28, 2014 by Gloria Mellinger  
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By Gloria Mellinger

Spring is just around the corner, and flea market vendors are searching for stellar products that will launch them to new heights. From the Rubik’s cube and Silly Bandz, to vintage art deco flapper jewelry, each year brings new and exciting products to market. With the unique flea market environment in mind, Merchandiser Group Magazine brings you the following 10 Hot Products for Spring.

Super Soft Virah Bella® sheets

10 Hot Products for SpringIt’s that time of year when consumers clear out the old and bring in the new, seeking a fresh new look for their homes.  Duke Imports Inc. features the latest styles and new fabrics in an assortment of bed sheets.  The company offers a broad selection of high quality bedding at low wholesale prices. Duke’s newest luxury line, the Super Soft 1800 Virah Bella® Platinum Collection bed sheets, are made from brushed polyester microfiber, matching the comfort, feel and softness of 600TC Egyptian cotton sheets.  These silky, soft and breathable sheets have a lustrous finish, providing a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.  The Virah Bella® Collection comprises 12 assorted colors offered in twin, full, queen, king and California king. Sets include one flat sheet and one deep pocket fitted sheet, with one pillowcase in twin sets and four pillowcases in all other sizes. Stylish packaging is a key selling feature, and the product’s deluxe packaging features platinum printed inserts, enclosed in a clear, zippered poly bag bearing a $189.99 MSRP.

Jewelry by Ubio

10 Hot Products for SpringVendors looking for high quality, exclusive jewelry pieces that will catch a shopper’s eye will love jewelry by Ubio. The company offers a unique line of bracelets, necklaces and pendants, earrings, cat pins and more, all made in the USA with either gold or rhodium electroplate or sterling silver. Many are enhanced with Swarovski crystals. Produced in limited quantities of ten to 15 pieces, the collection includes a charming bashful cat pin, dramatic braided cord necklace with figure eight center, fun floating charms necklace, and chic gold leaf dangle earrings. Flea market shoppers are always looking for rare finds, and Ubio’s jewelry is near one-of-a-kind at reasonable prices. Vendors will earn top profits, especially with Ubio’s closeouts which are at or below manufacturer’s price. Vendors are invited to call to inquire about closeout inventory, and to request images and pricing. Ubio is owned by Lucille DeClemente, who will be rolling out hundreds of additional creations, also in small quantities. All pieces were designed by her late husband John DeClemente, who was a well-known manufacturer of top designer jewelry for many years. There is no minimum order.

BinTRACKS™ storage solution

BinTRACKS™ Innovative Storage SolutionBinTRACKS™ storage system, from Hyperlily LLC, is an innovative solution to millions of households’ need for additional storage space. Designed for easy, do-it-yourself installation, BinTRACKS’ patent pending double-sided track will hang many styles and brands of plastic storage totes from garage, basement or closet ceilings. BinTRACKS’ standard unit is one double-sided track that retails for $12.99. A three pack will hang two bins, a four pack will hang three bins, an eight pack will hang seven bins, and so on. Wholesale prices begin with a minimum order of one case of 28 tracks. Hyperlily is also offering vendors a turnkey business opportunity with initial investment ranging from $1,495 to $12,495. In addition to product, vendors receive a display that demonstrates how tracks are used, brochures and other materials. The top package includes a concession-style trailer designed to fit a 10 by 10 foot tradeshow booth. Be sure to ask Hyperlily about the opportunity for residual income.

The GlideHanger

10 Hot Products for SpringFlea market shoppers are always interested in a product that will make their lives easier. The GlideHanger™ from HangerWare Inc. is a new and improved clothing hanger created to make it fast and easy to hang garments. When used with any narrow necked garment, the product can be quickly inserted or removed through the neck of the item, and it is fully functional for all other clothes as well. The GlideHanger eliminates the need to unbutton, unzip, or otherwise undo narrow necked garments. It is especially helpful for garments that do not have buttons, zippers, or other fasteners, and would require a normal hanger to be threaded up through the body of the garment. The GlideHanger is made of ABS plastic, a high impact and durable material that will not break or shatter. The company has produced a short video that demonstrates how to use the GlideHanger. The minimum order is 15 hangers. Wholesale is $2 each, with volume discounts available. Suggested retail price is $3 apiece.

Niki Nu Lites

Niki Nu Lites Creative EnergyNiki Nu Lites is a brilliant new take on an age-old product: the lamp.  This self-assembly lighting system allows users to create lamps in dozens of beautiful shapes, including the popular round and children’s night light, from polypropylene plastic. “It is a bit like putting together a puzzle and people enjoy the challenge. Once you build one, you can take it apart and reassemble it in another shape,” says NiCole Hillman, co-owner. Niki Nu Lites are available in 12 colors, and kits are available in four sizes, from small to extra large. Vendors can choose to sell Niki Nu Lites as kits or to make and sell them as finished products. “Either way, they make enormous profits,” Hillman comments. Pricing is tiered, and wholesale starts at $5.50 for small, $6.50 for medium, $7.50 for large and $11 for extra large.  Retail is from $25 to $55 apiece. The minimum order is 30 kits, and vendors can mix sizes and colors.

Garden Spyder™ tool

10 Hot Products for SpringThe Garden Spyder™ from Bulldog Tools Inc. is a versatile garden tool and much more. The product has six arms and a hub that fits on a fence post. Gardeners can use it as a tomato cage or for climbing vegetables. It can be easily adjusted in height as a vining plant grows. In addition, it is a great place to hang birdhouses, bird feeders and hanging plants. Sturdy and stable, it also can be used to hang laundry and will hold up to 30 hangers. The Garden Spyder is made in the USA and ships from Bulldog Tools’ Lewisburg, OH facility. Retail is $24.95 and wholesale is $13. There is no minimum order. Vendors can place orders by phone or fax, as well as set up an online account at the company’s website.

Damascus knives

10 Hot Products for SpringMen and women alike enjoy carrying or collecting knives, and they continue to be popular sellers at flea markets. Damascus knives, from Szco Supplies, are handmade by a professional team of highly trained blacksmiths and craftsmen. No less than the finest materials make up these functional beauties, from the superior 1074 carbon steel and 15N20 bright steel, to 1084 high carbon steel and WS-1 mild steel. The handles are made of various combinations of materials such as genuine deer antler, horn, bone, rosewood, olive wood and stacked leather. The 1074 and 15N20 carbon steel blades feature 2.5 percent nickel, creating tough blades that withstand years of punishing use while retaining their razor sharp edge. Heat-treated to a hardness of 55 to 60, these knives can retain their edge even after much abuse from job to job.  For stylish storage, a beautiful top grain cowhide leather sheath accompanies most knives. Damascus’ excellence comes from Szco Supplies’ long heritage in making top quality works of art.

Zap Cloth cleaner

10 Hot Products for SpringThe revolutionary Zap Cloth® from Kaywos Supply leaves any non-porous surface, including glass, mirrors, floors, counters, furniture, stainless steel, chrome, TV and computer screens, and more, free of dust and grime. The Zap Cloth can be used on cars, RVs, motorcycles, boats and airplanes. Made of a microfiber cloth called Zezo-Fiber® that contains no chemicals, the cloth works with water alone, so users never have to buy polish, glass cleaner or paper towels. One cloth can clean an entire home or large area because the fibers will not transfer dirt from one surface to another. The product is machine washable and reusable, and it cuts cleaning time by 70 percent. A starter pack of 50 Zap Cloths, which includes a retail counter display and sign, wholesales for $100. One cloth retails for $5. All of Kaywos’ products come with a “No Risk” guarantee, and if a vendor is dissatisfied in any way, the company will buy back the product.

Wow Bacon maker

10 Hot Products for SpringWow Bacon, the patented bacon cooker from CHALNJ, is the newest way to safely and easily prepare bacon. Made in the USA, it is the only completely enclosed utensil in the world that cooks bacon in the microwave. The product makes bacon crispy, protects the microwave, and captures all the bacon grease. Because there is no dangerous grease splatter, Wow Bacon is safe for people of all ages to use. What’s more, it is eco-friendly because no paper towels are required. Wow Bacon has a coffee pot type handle that makes it easy to move in and out of the microwave. To use, a consumer simply unclips the top, pulls out the cooking rack, places the bacon on the rack, clips the lid shut and puts it in the microwave. The wholesale price is $8.49, and MAP is $19.95. The minimum order is 12 units, and the company offers volume discounts.

Lightload Towels

10 Hot Products for SpringLightload Towels from Dyna-E Inc. are lightweight towels that are packaged in tiny briquettes that expand once they are removed from the waterproof package. They pack down considerably in size, and are great for storing in tight spaces like suitcases and backpacks. Three sizes are available. Lightload towels can be used in a variety of ways at home or out and about. Made of 100 percent viscose, they are more absorbent than microfiber and cotton, hypoallergenic and soft. The towels act as survival tools and provide insulation against the heat and cold, and can be used as a wind scarf, fire starter, strainer, first aid supplement, static electricity insulator, and more. The minimum order is one dozen towels. Lightload beach towels wholesale for $52.20 for a countertop box of 12, and retail for $9.95 each. A two-pack of 12 by 12 inch towels wholesales for $.83 and retails for $2.75.

Flea markets are great places to wow shoppers with the latest and greatest products. Super soft sheets, fun and fabulous jewelry, and products that make consumers’ lives easier are sure to command swift sales and send vendors dashing back to their suppliers for more.

Duke Imports Inc.

1105 North Williams St.
Angola, IN 46703
Tel: 260-665-1100

Ubio Inc.

3890 Post Road, Suite 4
Warwick, RI 02886
Tel.: 401-541-9172

Hyperlily LLC / BinTRACKS

6713 Indiana Ave., #75
Riverside, CA 92506
Tel.: 951-389-4042

HangerWare™ Inc. / The GlideHanger

Tel.: 415-342-5560

Niki Nu Lites

Tel.: 208-221-7887

Bulldog Tools Inc. / Garden Spyder

Toll Free: 877-962-0205
Tel.: 937-962-0205

Szco Supplies Inc.

2713 Merchant Drive
Baltimore, MD 21230
Tel.: 410-368-8300
Email: Online form

Kaywos Supply / Zap Cloth

Bradenton, FL
Tel.: 855-927-7873
Website: and

CHALNJ / Wow Bacon

414 Green Bay Rd.
Kenilworth, IL 60043
Tel.: 406-225-7822

Dyna-E Inc. / Lightload Towels

P.O. Box 4446
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
Tel.: 917-922-0154

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