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10 Hot Products for 2014

December 2, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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D Now bubblesFlea market vendors know the value of offering innovative products, especially products that shoppers cannot find in their local big box stores. Sellers also know the benefits of demonstrations that draw customers to their booths from near and far. From the chirping and swooping E-Bird to the revolutionary cleaning Zap Cloth®, the following are ten hot products for 2014 that are both exciting and demonstrable.

Lively R/C E-Bird

Lively e-birdsE-Birds remote control toys, manufactured by CBJ Global LLC, are colorful gliders that are easy to operate. These entertaining devices look and act like real birds, flapping their wings, and climbing, swooping and diving through the air, while making a simulated bird sound. E-Bird is available in four designs: Blue Pigeon, Green Parrot, Pink Butterfly and Orange Phoenix. “When vendors demonstrate the E-Bird, people come from all over the market to find out what it is,” says BJ Lehrfeld, company partner. Wholesale price starts at $15, and volume discounts are available. Retail is $30 to $50. Cases contain 24 pieces, and there is no minimum order. The product packaging is bright and detailed, and boxes stack easily to make an appealing point of purchase display.

Cappy™ beverage can opener & cap

The CappyThe Cappy™ is a nifty device designed to easily open and cap beverage cans. Invented by Gary Richard, president of GPR Product Development LLC, the Cappy extends carbonation, keep bugs out of beverages and render cans spill proof. Each unit has a recessed “U” shape, which users position face up, slide over a can tab and lift to open the can. To close the can, users position the U side down, slide the unit onto the tab and spin it around to cover the opening. The Cappy comes in 12 colors, is keychain ready and made in the USA. The Cappy is sold in a four-pack of assorted colors on a peggable card. It wholesales for $2.49, with significant volume discounts available, and MSRP is $4.99.

Wrapter hair protector

The Wraptor hair wrapThe Wrapter hair protector, available from AET Inc., is like a sock for ponytails. The item keeps hair from getting dirty or tangled when people engage in various activities such as sports, gardening and bike riding. It also can be used to tie back hair for casual use. “The woman who designed it is a motocross rider with extremely long, thick hair,” explains Essam Sarwani, VP. “She looked into the types of products available to protect her ponytail and found she was limited by the length of the product and how it was attached.” The inventor designed the Wrapter to go on quickly and easily. It comes in seven colors, and rolls up into a tiny ball that fits into a pocket. Wholesale is $4.60 and retail is $9.95 to $12.95. The minimum opening order is $100.

Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow™

Eye Majic instant eye shadowEye Majic Instant Eye Shadow™ is the world’s only complete eye shadow application that offers professional makeup artist results in a matter of seconds. “With one swipe over the eye with our patented applicator, Eye Majic achieves a look that would take a professional makeup artist 20 to 30 minutes to create,” states John Allan, CEO of Majic Beauty. Each applicator has three colors and takes less than 10 seconds to use. The firm’s popular Select 16 Kit contains 16 of the firm’s hottest shades, along with one Foxy Lady leopard application, one Eye Majic Eyeliner, one practice application and a demonstration DVD. The Select 16 Kit generally wholesales for $10 and retails for $19.95. At present, Majic Beauty is making the kit available to flea market and swap meet vendors at the special price of 15 kits for $135 or 25 kits for $200.

Hybrid Solar Flashlight

HybridlightHybridLight LLC has developed the HybridLight product line, which consists of hybrid flashlights, and a spotlight, camping lantern and headlamp. The company’s most popular seller is the Hybrid Solar Flashlight™ model 40 lumen, which is available in black and bright yellow. It wholesales for $8.50 and suggested retail is $24.95. The product provides eight hours of use on a full charge. All HybridLight products will charge using any light source, both sun and artificial, and include backup lithium batteries. HybridLight products are waterproof, work under water and float, and vendors can provide an impressive demonstration for flea market shoppers. There is no minimum order.

Chemical Free Greenway Formula 7

Greenway Formula 7Greenway Formula 7, from American Achievers LLC, is the only all-natural, chemical free and nontoxic product proven to protect people and animals from all kinds of bugs. Made in the USA, the product repels bed bugs, fleas and ticks, most household insects, rancher pests, outdoor bugs and head lice. The pleasant smelling product is available in spray bottles as well as one-gallon containers, and the main ingredient is clove oil from Indonesia. The distributor price of a 3.3-ounce three-pack of the bed bug solution is $20.85, wholesale is $24.60 and retail is $45. There is a video on the website that demonstrates the product and its capabilities, and vendors can stream the video at their booths to attract shoppers.

Colorful sand art

Sandtastic Colored play sand from Sandtastik Products is ideally suited for sales to educators, parents, children and hobbyists, as well as to vendors who promote craft activities at a market. Sandtastik is the only sand in the world that does not contain free silica or free quartz. It is 100 percent natural, environmentally friendly, nontoxic and safe. “Our regular white play sand has a natural sparkle, and is often used in sand boxes and for sand therapy trays,” notes Bert Sabourin, GM. “The colored sand can be used for sand layering, peel and stick boards, and in flower layering, among other things.” Presently, a pre-packed assortment of 40 eight-ounce, peggable bags of sand wholesales for $8.95, plus shipping. It contains ten colors. The pre-packed selection of 80 eight-ounce bags wholesales for $17.90. Retail is $1 per bag.

Zap Cloth® dirt magnet

Zap ClothThe revolutionary Zap Cloth® from Kaywos Supply leaves any non-porous surface, including glass, mirrors, floors, counters, furniture, stainless steel, chrome, TV and computer screens, and more, free of dust and grime. Made of a microfiber cloth called Zezo-Fiber® that contains no chemicals, the cloth works with water alone, so users never have to buy polish, glass cleaner or paper towels. One cloth can clean an entire home or large area, because the fibers will not transfer dirt from one surface to another. The product is machine washable and reusable, and it cuts cleaning time by 70 percent. It retails for $5. “With markup between 300 and 400 percent, there is great potential for vendors,” says Bryan Pinkham, owner.

Viral loom band bracelets

One of the hottest selling novelty items is colorful loom bands people use to create bracelets, and Valley Supply Inc. has an assortment of colorful loom band bags, loom kits and pre-made bracelets. Rainbow, solid color and sparkle loom bands are available in 200, 300 and 600 count bags that wholesale for $1 to $2 each. The loom kit, which contains a loom and 300 bands, wholesales for around $4. “We are finding that vendors do very well selling the kits because children want to make bracelets themselves,” says Mark Crippen, owner. The minimum order is $200. Vendors can mix and match orders to reach the minimum.

Unbelieva Bubble Sword

Unbelieva Bubble Sword D NowChildren have enjoyed making bubbles for generations, and the Unbelieva Bubble Sword, from D Now, takes this idea to a new level. Available in two sizes, the Unbelieva Bubble Sword lets kids make giant, lasting bubbles with ease, and makes an impressive demonstration. Users pour the bubble solution into the sword, dip it in and pull it out, and press the button to make huge bubbles. The large sword is 32 inches long, and comes in red, blue, purple and yellow. It wholesales for $9.99 and retails for $19.99. The medium sword is 24 inches long, and comes in blue, pink, green and orange. It wholesales for $7.99 and retails for $15.99.

Toys, beauty products and household items continue to be popular sellers at flea markets. With the array of new products available in these categories, vendors have many opportunities to strengthen their product lines and make healthy profits throughout 2014.

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