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Valley Supply: General Merchandise Distributor for 30+ Years

November 7, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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Valley Supply: General Merchandise Distributor for 30+ Years

Valley Supply Inc., launched in 1982, is a wholesale distributor of a broad selection of popular merchandise, including licensed sports knitwear and novelties, sunglasses, jewelry, lighters, beef jerky, eCigarettes, cell phone accessories and much more. “We sell only new, clean first run products that offer vendors good profit margins,” says Mark Crippen, owner.

Colorful loom band bags and kits

In addition to carrying staples that sell well year after year, the company stays alert to what is trending. One of the hottest selling novelty items today is loom bands, and Valley Supply Inc. has an assortment of colorful loom band bags, loom kits and pre-made bracelets. Rainbow, solid color and sparkle loom bands are available in 200, 300 and 600 count bags that wholesale for $1 to $2 each. The loom kit, which contains a loom and 300 bands, wholesales for around $4. Pre-made bracelets are available in limited supply. “We are finding that vendors do very well selling the kits because children want to make bracelets themselves,” Crippen reports. Another craze that has been going strong for several years is plush animal hats, and Valley Supply has a large selection critters, such as pandas, elephants and tigers.

Generic and licensed sports knitwear

Valley Supply: General Merchandise Distributor for 30+ Years

Winter knitwear from hats to gloves sells well in flea markets, and Valley Supply offers a broad range of these items at wholesale prices of $1.99 to $29.99. Licensed sports products are also top sellers, and the firm has a selection of baseball, basketball, football and collegiate hats and gloves, souvenirs and gift products. To further ensure sales, the company provides team specific mixes in the areas that carry its merchandise. “If I have a store in Maine, their mix is different than a store in Pennsylvania,” Crippen notes. Valley Supply also has a large selection of sunglasses, which are popular sellers year round.

Valley Supply continues to expand its product line with traditional favorites as well as trending items. “We have always been flexible in our product lines,” Crippen shares. “We are concerned with what our customers needs are and what they are going to be. More than once, we have ended up with a terrific new product line because our customers have come to us and said we should carry x, y or z.”

Buying details

The minimum order is $200, and vendors can mix and match, enabling them to cash in on the company’s diverse product line and meet a broad range of shoppers’ needs. Several point of purchase displays are available. Items typically ship within 24 hours of order receipt from Valley Supply’s Ohio facility.

For more information:

Valley Supply Inc.
Toll Free: 888-319-6652
Fax: 740-397-4225


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