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How to Keep Your Selling Space Fresh and Flexible

September 10, 2013 by publisher  
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By Chris Garrett, marketing professional and freelance writer for

 You are here: Home / How-To Zone / How to Keep Your Selling Space Fresh and Flexible How to Keep Your Selling Space Fresh and FlexibleWhen it comes to designing your selling space, flexibility can be key to flea market sales. You must be able to incorporate holiday decorations, highlight new products and present new promotions quickly and efficiently. Merchandising and marketing changes will help you keep your atmosphere fresh and your visual appeal up to date. Here are a few options for flexible décor that will allow you to adapt to changing markets and customer expectations.

Custom Wallpapers

Custom wallpapers are a relatively new option for vendors, but they are something of a branding revelation. With affordable pricing and total design control, even small business owners can have professional, unique décor. One of the best features of custom wallpapers is that they can be removed to be repositioned, or to be stored while seasonal décor is up.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are a great solution for holiday or annual décor. Whether you want to hang a huge Santa Claus for two months or have a weekend sale your customers look forward to all year long, these banners will survive the elements and tuck away nicely in a back room to come out again next year.


A-frames maybe low-tech, but they are perfect for vendors with frequently changing promotions. Whether you are offering daily specials or the newest releases, an inexpensive a-frame sign will allow you to change your marketing materials in minutes flat.

Digital Displays

Digital displays are the newest evolution of changeable décor. While they require a larger upfront investment for the flat screen television and software, once that purchase is made they are essentially free and can be updated several times a day if necessary.

The ability to update your selling environment is critical. Most people do not look twice at an ad or sign they have already seen. Refreshing those visual cues frequently enough to keep their attention will hopefully inspire them to loosen their wallet up a little.

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