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Beautiful and Functional Cell Phone Cases

September 23, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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Imprue is a company that designs and manufactures hundreds of protective cases for cell phones and tablets. “Our goal is to protect and beautify these types of accessories, and we offer a huge variety that fits most models and tastes,” says Jai Kakkar, director of sales and marketing. “We work with designers all over the world to create our unique styles. Many are exclusive to our company.” Imprue’s products fit Apple, Blackberry, Samsung and HTC cell phones and tablets. In addition to its many distinctive, trending patterns and colors, the firm will customize cases with a vendor’s chosen logo and/or image as well.


Sleek, fun peacock and grip shell designs

ImprueLike many animal designs, the peacock is popular with consumers today. Imprue has created a deluxe rhinestone 3D pattern in many sparkling stone and case color combinations. The elegant peacock rhinestone design is housed in a hard snap on case to protect phones from breakage and scratches. The peacock case wholesales for $7 and retails for around $40. The firm also has many other animal cases, including those with faux fur leopard and cheetah prints available in many colors.

One of the company’s edgiest fashions is its limited edition grip shell case. “It is one of our sleekest looks for the iPhone 5,” Kakkar notes. “This one mold design provides a curved, strong grip for the consumer.” It is available in grey and white. Imprue’s ultra slim sports collection and leather fit series are also hot selling cases. In addition, the firm has several high quality protective cases available for the Apple iPad and other tablets. These include a line made of eco-friendly synthetic leather with soft micro fiber lining, in a selection of colors and patterns.

The company manufactures products in a variety of durable materials, including thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and the more rubbery silicone. While the product’s material and style determines the cost, wholesale is generally $4 to $10, and retail is $20 to $50.

Buying details

Vendors can view descriptions and photos of many of the firm’s products on its website. The company also will provide buyers a catalog to help them select the items that will sell best in their markets. The minimum order is $50 of one style. Non-custom orders are shipped within one business day. All products are delivered in Imprue branded individual packages.

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  1. I would like to order these various iphone cases, along with any other cell phones casing…I have a hughe branded entertainment market in the cable/entertainment placement industry. Let’s talk asap!

    Mary Williams
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  2. Jai says:

    Hi Mary!

    I cant believe I just saw this post 1 year later! If you are still interested please email me at to discuss! thank you!

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