Monday, May 21, 2018

New Market to Open in Norfolk, VA

alchemy norfolk flea marketA new indoor flea market called Alchemy Norfolk is planning to open in Norfolk, VA, in September, according to a News Channel 3 report. Volunteers are updating a vacant, century-old building on Granby Street, revealing what was once an auto business. Soon, it will be an artsy retail and entertainment space filled with dozens of artists and merchants.

Earlier this year, a weekend event called “Better Block” transformed that part of Granby Street into a hip avenue of bohemian businesses, and it was enough to make Carreyann Weinberg think it could work year round. The market will function somewhat like a gym, according to Weinberg. Entrepreneurs will pay a membership fee and can come and go, and use all the resources. Some vendors might stay for only a day, and the constant turnover is what appeals to Weinberg. For more information, visit Alchemy NFK on Facebook.

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