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How to Showcase Products for Happy Holiday Sales

August 21, 2013 by publisher  
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By Michael Penna
How to Showcase Products for Happy Holiday Sales“Show and sell” is an important approach for flea market vendors for the Christmas and holiday season, as decorating your booth to display and market your products is key to sales. Shoppers are looking for decorations for their homes, as well as for holiday gifts, so get creative. Three ways you can showcase your seasonal products are selling the products you use for decorations, integrating products you sell into your decorations, and adding a personal touch by discussing and/or demonstrating your products.

1.  Sell the products you use for decorations.

It is not enough to haul out the same lights, garland and dusty cardboard cutouts year after year.  Fresh decorations can motivate your customers to consider how an item would look on their holiday table, or what a great gift it would make for someone special. First, ignite your customers’ imagination, and then supply the products they envision. If you have Santa in your booth, for example, be sure his bag is full of goodies that you sell.

2. Integrate products you are selling into your decorations.

While you may not sell Christmas trees, you can use your store tree to display ornaments, lights, ribbons, bows or other items you sell. You can also arrange centerpieces on tables with products you carry. A well thought out candle presentation sells candles, and a floral presentation sells a vase and flowers.  Sell the poinsettia with the decorative pot in which it is presented.  While integrating merchandise is often visual, you can engage other senses as well.  The fragrance in your establishment sells the potpourri, perfumes or candles in your both, and the holiday music playing sells CDs. A “Please Touch” sign, rather than “Do Not Touch,” works well, where appropriate.

3. Add a personal touch, and discuss or demonstrate your products.

How to Showcase Products for Happy Holiday Sales

Always provide your customer the opportunity to browse undisturbed, but, when needed, be ready to offer a personal touch. Ask if you can help, and offer suggestions, such as “Have you read the fun greetings in our new holiday cards from Jumping Cracker Beans? See how simply you can add florals to the top of Hodgepodgees’ candle jar? Have you touched and seen Snow To Go?  You will be amazed how you can instantly make decorative snow that looks and feels cool and soft, like fresh fallen snow.” Okay, my last example was a shameless promotion of Snow To Go, a product I created, yet it does drive home my point.

As a flea market vendor, show and sell is your holiday competitive edge. You must promote, integrate and inform customers in the valuable space you have available. Your booth should be alive with products creatively merchandised for the holidays, featuring a “Babes in Toyland” atmosphere.  Present your customers with an experience and ideas they will want to take home or share with their friends and relatives, and happy holiday sales will result.


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    Just starting out with a new cleaning product.with very high potential.would love so feedback on how I should zone to the right places then set up my booth.also some attraction advise would be helpful.

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