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Hot Trends: Cell Phone Charger/Flashlight and Credit Card Knife

August 1, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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New age discoveries credit card sized knifeNew Age Discoveries, launched in 2001, focuses on supplying vendors the hottest, best selling products on the market. Its latest introductions include an emergency phone charger that doubles as a flashlight and a stainless steel knife that folds up to be the size of a credit card. “We are out there, every day, looking for the newest products. Any vendor that works with us will be on the fast track to the next million dollar idea, and there is no risk,” shares Josh Eastman, company partner. “We bring the coolest products to market before anybody else and we will buy them back from vendors if they don’t sell.”

Cell phone charger/flashlight and knife already strong sellers

New Age Discoveries’ portable cell phone charger/flashlight charges a cell phone while in a pocket or purse. The 350 lumen rechargeable flashlight shines over 150 yards and the unit will power a cell phone more than one full charge. “Portable chargers are really hot this year,” New age discoveries cell phone charger flashlightEastman remarks. “Our launch was a huge success and the products sold well beyond our expectations as everyone loved and needed them. Vendors who get in on the ground floor are going to make a ton of money.”

Another extremely popular item is the company’s surgical stainless steel credit card sized knife.  It is the same thickness as a credit card, fits easily into a wallet and folds out to a full size, high quality knife. “Many people want to carry a knife but they do not because pocket knives are bulky and weighty. This one is handy and lightweight. It only weighs one-half of an ounce. We just introduced this knife, and we sold out half way into the Orlando Gift Show,” Eastman points out.

New age discoveries sonic podSonic Quake and Sonic Pod, super small yet powerful speakers, continue to be best sellers. They project sound from anything, including a laptop computer, MP3, iPod, portable DVD player, cell phone and television, in a big way, while maintaining auditory quality. “We have created about the smallest, best sounding speakers on the market,” Eastman notes. Sonic Quake and Sonic Pod work with any standard headphone jack, and come with a one-year warranty. They run off two AAA batteries or an electrical charge, and a USB cord is included. “There are millions to be made on these speakers,” Eastman says.

To help vendors demonstrate the products, New Age Discoveries encourages vendors to print and attach product photos to a piece of foam board to create their own point-of-purchase displays. The company also provides a looping DVD and 100 files that vendors can use to sell the products.

Ordering highlights

“We have very low wholesale prices and vendors get amazing profit margins,” Eastman adds. “Plus, with our 100 percent buy back guarantee, there is no risk. We will buy anything back that does not sell. We are making a fortune at retail shows and now vendors can too. They either make a lot of money like we do or ship the product back with no restocking fees.” While there is no minimum order, price is dependent upon quantity and drops significantly with increased volume.

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