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Happy Cow Moisturizing Udder Balm Soothes Skin

August 29, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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Happ Cow Udder BalmHappy Cow Moisturizing Udder Balm, from Sandahl Manufacturing, soothes rough, itchy, dry, irritated and cracked skin, softening hands, cuticles, legs, feet, heels, arms and elbows. The moisturizer is great for protecting against the effects of extreme climates, such as low humidity, high heat and cold temperatures, as well as frequent washing. Made in the USA, Happy Cow Moisturizing Udder Balm has a gentle lemon fragrance and non-greasy feel, and is quickly absorbed by the skin. The product is formulated with vitamins A, D and E, Aloe vera gel and lanolin

Great demonstration product

“This is a product that, once consumers try it, they buy it,” says Howard Dorfman, president. “That is why we include a free sample dispenser with every Happy Cow point of purchase display.” Happy Cow Moisturizing Udder Balm is available in three-ounce TSA approved tubes, 12-ounce jars with a choice of twist, pump or flip-up lids, and 64-ounce get-a-grip canisters, featuring new 5.5-ounce airless pumps. “Both open stock and kits benefit from our remarkable airless pumps because they enhance the consumer experience,” Dorfman reports. “They provide optimal protection from exposure to air, dispense in any position and ensure minimal residue. The precise, repeatable dispensing will not fail during use.”

Happy Cow Udderbalm

Udder Balm was originally used by dairy farmers to soften and protect cows’ udders from weather extremes and milking, Dorfman explains.  For many years, farm families knew that the secret for their soft smooth skin was in that jar of Udder Balm in the barn. As the product was refined over the years, people outside of the dairy industry began to discover its fabulous properties.  Sandahl Manufacturing, a family run company that has been in existence since 1950, evolved from a cosmetic business to the manufacturing and distribution center of the Happy Cow Moisturizing Udder Balm product line.  It produces and distributes the original product formula that was developed by the Qualis Corporation, in Madrid, Iowa.

Buying highlights

Happy Cow Udder Balm logoSandahl Manufacturing sells products by the case as well as by the kit. One kit, which contains 12 three-ounce TSA approved tubes of Udder Balm, one 5.5-ounce airless pump tester and a free two-wide tube display, is wholesale priced at $24.96. Another kit contains 12 5.5-ounce airless pumps of Moisturizing Udder Balm, one 5.5-ounce airless pump tester and a free two-wide tube display, and is wholesale priced at $42.96. A third kit, which contains 18 three-ounce TSA approved tubes of Udder Balm, one 5.5 ounce airless pump tester and one free two-wide tube display, is wholesale priced at $37.44. Suggested retail is double or more. The company also sells a Happy Cow tote bag. In addition to its own original branding, Sandahl Manufacturing offers private label branding. The minimum order is $150. The firm provides a full range of merchandising services, counter displays, sample kits, product samples, and merchandising and product literature to support sales and marketing efforts.

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