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Seasonal Trends in Jewelry, Watches and Fashion Accessories

July 22, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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chandelier earrings by Selini New YorkWith the fall and holiday seasons rapidly approaching, jewelry, watch and accessory vendors are busy choosing products that will garner mega fourth quarter sales. According to top fashion designers, vivid colors, especially emerald green, deep-sea blue and amethyst pink, are still strong in all merchandise categories. Animal themed designs as well as merchandise also continue to be shopper favorites. Personalized and spiritual items, chains, chandelier earrings and oversized jewelry are also trending styles. Here is a peek at some of the freshest looks your favorite wholesalers are stocking to help you harvest bountiful fall and holiday sales.

Licensed college sunglasses and watches

college sunglasses by FTH EnterprisesFrom The Heart Enterprises (FTH) wholesales an extensive selection of college and high school themed and fashion sunglasses, jewelry and watches. It is licensed to produce logos for 165 colleges, and also manufactures accessories for 3,000 high schools. “College football team sunglasses are strong sellers in the fall and through Christmas,” says Gary Cawood, CEO and president.

cable necklace with charms by FTH EnterprisesOther popular fall and winter 2013 merchandise includes cable necklaces with a variety of new charms, such as a side cross, horse shoe and infinity symbol in copper, pink and antique silver. Cuff bracelets are huge this year, and FTH Enterprises offers a large assortment of styles and designs. Watches are also big sellers in the fall and as holiday gifts. FTH Enterprises carries a vast line of college, high school and fashion timepieces, from fancy basketball college watches for women to sport and dressy options for men. Animal patterned merchandise at FTH Wholesale includes a new zebra watch assortment as well as a collection of bracelets, necklaces and earrings that feature birds, cats, dogs, fish, horses and other creatures. The company also offers a variety of Christmas jewelry and ornaments. Visit From The Heart Enterprises at ASD Las Vegas, August 4-7, at booth #C1982.

Keepsake stamped rings and chains

keepsake rings from Sun Fashion DesignsSun Fashion Designs Inc. is a jewelry company dedicated to wholesaling a fashion forward line of gold- and silver-plated jewelry, including rings, pendants, chains, earrings, brooches and charms. The company’s gold and silver bonding processes are performed in its Prescott, AZ, facility.

Stamped stainless steel rings customized with, for example, name, anniversary date, organization or sports team, are among the hottest looks in jewelry, states Gloria Wilk, company salesperson. Sun Fashion Designs hypoallergenic rings are made of 316-grade stainless steel and produced in a variety of colors. The newest concept in the stamped rings circle is keepsake rings. Customers purchase rings in small sizes stamped with their child’s or other loved one’s name, and wear them on a necklace. “Keepsake rings make wonderful gifts. This is a fresh idea that has really taken off,” Wilk notes.

Sun Fashion Designs offers a stamping kit that wholesales for $865. It includes everything vendors need to stamp 100 rings. Vendors who are interested in offering the keepsake concept to their customers can pick up chains as well as rings from Sun Fashion Designs. “Vendors are invited to call us and we will send them a free sample chain,” Wilk adds. Stamped rings wholesale for around $1.85 and often retail for ten times the wholesale price, and more for keepsake items.

Religious and spiritual bracelets and pendants

lord's prayer necklace by American Distribution CompanyAmerican Distribution Company LLC provides the newest and most fashionable accessories and general merchandise. Adam Dawe, president and CEO, visits China about every ten weeks, where he gets a feel for what is going to sell in the States and in Europe. Leather and stainless steel religious and spiritual jewelry are big sellers now, appealing to both religious and fashion conscious consumers, and Dawe expects this trend to carry through to 2014. American Distribution offers several religious-themed bracelets and pendants. The company’s “I Stand” 100 percent leather wristband, for example, has a pewter cross emblem. Adjustable to fit any wrist, it is available in six styles. Another popular item is “The Lord’s Prayer” stainless steel pendant with 16-inch necklace, offered in six styles.

Hats are also taking off, Dawe points out. Fedoras are back, and they are one of the hottest styles around, often seen on celebrities such as Brad Pitt, SouthPoint polar fleece hat Jessica Alba and Brittney Spears. American Distribution offers fedoras in a wide selection of colors and fabrics. SouthPoint non-pilling polar fleece hats also promise excellent fourth quarter 2013 and first quarter 2014 sales. They are super soft and double layered at the earband, and come in six trending shades.

As for profit margins, Dawe says sellers can expect retail price to be at least double wholesale, but consumers will spend more September through December on high quality items. Visit American Distribution Company at ASD Las Vegas, August 4-7, at booth #SL2901.

Murano jewelry and plush animal hats and accessories

murano pink is a wholesaler of an eclectic blend of hot ticket items, including animal inspired accessories and Murano glass jewelry, known for its swirling color patterns and organic shapes.’s customers can choose from a variety of Murano pieces, including leaf shaped charms, beaded bracelets and floral patterned pendants. The company offers Murano jewelry gift sets as well, which come in red, heart-shaped boxes.

Also among’s popular sellers is its line of faux fur plush animal merchandise, including hats, CD cases, notebooks and banks, which continue to be sought after year after year. The company offers animal hats in dozens of species, including wolves, tigers, pandas and pigs. regularly expands its extensive line of hats, which include winter beanies, chullos and troopers for men, women and children. It also sells sunglasses, scarves, iPhone accessories and slippers. Visit at ASD Las Vegas, August 4-7, at booth #C3334.

Jelly watches, chandelier earrings and faux fur scarves

jelly watch from Selini New YorkSelini New York is another wholesaler known for its line of fabulous fashion accessories, including silk woven ties, cufflinks, wallets and watches for men, and handbags, belts, jewelry, leggings, socks, watches and scarves for women. The company sells many classic items, such as dress shirts, ties and handkerchiefs, as well as the hottest fashion must-haves. Jelly watches, for example, are available for women in the season’s brights, including red, blue, pink, yellow and orange. Selini New York also wholesales dress belts in today’s chic geometric patterns and other prints. Faux fur hats and scarves, in edgy animal prints as well as safe solids, leggings in bold florals, and a selection of chandelier and dangle earrings complement Selini New York’s traditional lines. Visit Selini New York at ASD Las Vegas, August 4-7, at booth #C5239.

Whether hip and contemporary or traditionally elegant, accessory options abound this year. Attractive merchandise, such as licensed college sunglasses, colorful watches, animal print scarves and hats, and keepsake rings offer vendors many opportunities for successful fall and holiday sales.

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