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How to Merchandise for Success

July 17, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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merchandising tips dollsCommon sense tells us that a visually appealing booth will attract more shoppers than one that is not. So, in addition to making sure you know your shopper demographics and have the right products for your market, it is essential that you take the time to display your merchandise in a way that draws people into your space. Here are four simple strategies to merchandise for success:

1. Create a focus table: Near the entrance of your booth, be sure to advertise your newest and best items on a tall table or other piece of furniture. Make this table pop by adding a beautiful vase or floral arrangement to match the season. For example, in the fall, you can use red, orange and yellow leaves to give your table some flare, while during Christmastime, you can make the table festive by adding glass ornaments and lights.

2. Arrange the flow: No matter what products you carry, there needs to be a flow to your space. Be sure you leave enough space around merchandise so that shoppers can get close and absorb the details. Additionally, group objects side by side that offer logical buying combinations as well as lead your customers deeper into your booth. For example, keep anything that might be used for back to school shopping together, from pens and pencils to calculators to clothing.

3. Set your visuals: Create visual excitement by placing your products on furnishings of varying heights and widths. Where possible, hang items from pegs to give them additional height and attention. Think of your booth as a museum of sorts where you want people to enjoy viewing your products. If you are selling jewelry, for example, place all your necklaces together on displays that are tall enough to allow you to showcase their lengths and other product features.

4. Change it up:
Everyone wants repeat customers. Loyal customers will return if they know they will find new, interesting products at your booth.  You can accomplish this in part by rotating your merchandise every few weeks. By regularly moving products from the back to the front of your booth, you will attract new attention and introduce customers to products they may have missed. The more choices to which shoppers are exposed, the more likely they are to buy.

Remember, even with a stellar space and attention-grabbing merchandising, it is important to use your voice and connect with your customers. Always be personable and available to answer questions and offer additional product information.

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