Thursday, December 13, 2018

Fashion Forward Western Hats for Fall and Winter

Summit Hats western wearSummit Hats, located in Houston, TX, provides flea market vendors a diverse line of western hats, hat accessories and belts, in the most popular classic as well as trending styles and colors. “Hot pink has been a very popular color for many types of merchandise, from outerwear to accessories, and we expect it to be strong in the upcoming season. Bling is also big on everything these days, including belts, shirts, sandals and boots,” says Ken Tsai, owner of the company. Summit Hats combines these color and style trends with its new pink toyo straw pinch front hat, adorned with a rhinestone cross. The hat, which will also be in available in black by the end of the year, is expected to sell well in the upcoming season. “Even though it is made of straw, it is a fashion item, and fashion hats are popular all year long,” Tsai points out.

Summit Hats also recently introduced a line of palm hats that have become extremely popular because country star, Jason Aldeen, wears palm hats. “People are always looking for the cool new styles that celebrities are wearing. The newest one Aldeen has been seen in is a black palm and we have added a fine sahuayo black palm to our line.” Palm hats are a natural straw material made in the traditional western style. They feature a four-inch brim and have a lower crown than other western style hats. “People want things that are affordable and still attractive and high quality, and we are able to offer that with palm hats,” Tsai points out. Palms wholesale for $5 to $14.50, and markup is generally two to three times wholesale price.

Fleur-de-lis trending symbol

“At the end of the year, we are adding a line of hats with a rhinestone fleur-de-lis symbol. That symbol has gained popularity in the last year,” Tsai continues. “The initial run will be in black and pink, and we will be rolling out more colors after that. Decorations on hats are getting very popular.”

Summit Hats’ basic line of fashion hats, made of nante straw, comes in 11 colors. These include light and hot pink, black, light blue, lavender, tea stain and multi-colored. “Our fashion hats are available with different hatbands and offer a variety of distinctive looks,” Tsai adds. Fashion hats wholesale for $7.50 to $12 and can retail from $25 to $40, depending on the vendor’s location. In addition to its vast line of  hats, the company offers a popular line of western belts, which it is expanding for the fall and winter seasons.

Launched in 1970, Summit Hats keeps its 20,000 square foot warehouse well stocked with more than 200 styles and fills orders within four hours of receipt. The minimum order is $50.

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