Thursday, December 13, 2018

Festive Packaging for Candies, Flowers and Favors

Harvest imports eco-friendly linenHarvest Import has been designing decorative gift packaging since 1995. Its products embellish a vast array of merchandise and specialty items, such as floral bouquets, luxury fragrances, candies and party favors. Harvest Import’s products include: gift bags, in a variety of fabrics, such as mesh and cotton, as well as designs, including baby and animal prints; boxes, in many sizes, shapes, colors and materials; wrap in several textiles from linen to organza; bows, rope, ribbon and more.

“We offer many types of products for different industries. It is not just gift packaging per se,” explains Jeremy Chen, manager. “For example, vendors aren’t just using our ribbons to tie bows on gift boxes. They are using our ribbons for weddings, bouquets, gift baskets and candies. We have everything from basic stock items, like satin and sheer materials, to all sorts of prints and colored ribbons.”

Customers range from small candy shops that favor the company’s boxes for their chocolates, to large fragrance companies that use its PVC boxes. Additionally, florists stock their shops with staples, such as the satin and sheer ribbons, and the company’s cotton pouches, in a variety of trending prints, are popular among scrapbook stores.

harvest imports metallic organzaHarvest Imports also sells many of its products to wholesale wedding suppliers. “On the event and wedding side, one of the most popular trends today is the naturals, like jute ribbon and table overlays,” Chen continues. “Cotton, linen and burlap products are selling really well. Today’s consumers like a vintage, rustic, country look.” There is also a huge trend toward green weddings, and customers are using jute, instead of satin, chair sashes, for example. The combination jute and lace table runner is another popular look. “Jute is a natural fiber so it is biodegradable, which is another popular theme, but it is primarily the aesthetic that people like.” The wine bottle bags and small party favor boxes, as well as the organza wraps for glass vases, are also well liked among event organizers.

“We get many of our ideas from knowing the markets. We want to help our customers increase their sales so we look ahead to what kinds of things will work in their businesses.” Many of Harvest Imports goods are designed in house and manufactured in its factories abroad. With most of the company’s items warehoused in its California plant, the company offers quick turnaround times. Harvest Imports’ minimum order is $100. For vendors reselling the products, markup is generally double wholesale price. A roll of jute ribbon, for example, wholesales for around $4 and retails for $10. “We cater to smaller sellers, and they are a big part of our business. Many vendors come back to us because we keep them competitive with the super stores.”

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