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Cranberry Creek: Personalized Note Cards

June 17, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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tabby note pad cranberry creekCranberry Creek Inc., in Seymour, TN, manufactures note cards and note pads, personalized with women’s names, in a variety of popular designs. In addition, the company produces note pads that feature dogs, cats and wild animals. Presently, it is also selling handmade necklaces of a woven material that contain no clasps, which are especially good for women who are allergic to metal. Paul Fintak, who is still active in the company, launched the firm in 1992. His son, Gregory Fintak, is now at the helm.

Designs for women of all ages

Cranberry Creek’s note pads are pre-printed in 160 of the most popular female names in the U.S., and the company will, at no extra charge, print any name or caption a vendor desires. Cards typically state “A Note from…,” on various illustrations such as floral, Victorian, nautical, country, animal, children, lighthouses, religious and tropical themes. Eight note cards and eight envelopes in a poly bag wholesales for $1.35. Note pads with 45 sheets of paper and a magnet on the back wholesale for $1.15 apiece. The products retail for $2.99 each.

Note card cranberry creek“The typical buyers of our products are women in their mid thirties to eighties,” say Paul Fintak. “They are from an era when ladies wrote notes. That is why 60 percent of our stock names are those that were popular with parents 40 to 80 years ago, such as Ruth, Ruby and Vivian.” Cranberry Creek also produces names and styles that appeal to younger women because mothers and grandparents often buy the stationery for their friends and relatives, he adds.

“We suggest retailers have two to four designs with each name on it so ladies can choose their favorites. Many times, shoppers buy two or more products.” Vendors also have the option to print a name on the merchandise on the spot to capture additional sales. “They have to have a printer, which they can buy for around $100,” Fintak states. “It can be done on either a laptop or a PC, and they just call up the design the customer wants.” Blank note card packages are discounted to $1.15 each.

Launched in flea markets

Prior to launching its line of stationery, the senior Fintak and his wife, Carol, operated a booth selling jewelry at the Wagon Wheel Flea Market in Pinellas Park, FL. They also had a typesetting and graphic design business, so they decided to manufacture and sell stationery. The note cards sold so well at their booth that the couple decided to offer its products to other merchants. Cranberry Creek is now selling its products to around 1,000 vendors across the U.S.

Ordering policies

Cranberry Creek has a floor display that holds up to four designs in 80 names, or 320 packages. The fully stocked display costs $432, plus $95 for the rack. The company gives vendors extra merchandise to offset the cost of the display.

Vendors can buy a full, three quarter or half rack of products. The minimum initial order is a half display, which is 160 packages. The minimum order for generic merchandise is $100.

For more information:

Cranberry Creek Inc.
1460 Boyds Creek Hwy.
Seymour, TN 37865
Toll Free: 800-200-0907
Fax: 800-233-3136


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