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Stampable Name Rings are Hot Trend

April 19, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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stampable ring creative gemsStampable name rings are one of today’s hottest trends, and offer vendors low entry cost and high profit margins, says Don DeStaso, owner of Creative Gems LLC. “Personalization is more popular than ever, and people of all ages enjoy seeing their names in print.” The stampable ring movement is sweeping the nation, he adds, and is rampant at flea markets, shopping malls, carnivals, fairs, theme parks and festivals. “We are the premier supplier to these vendors. We have everything anyone needs to start a ring stamping business for around $1,000.” Vendors can buy rings for $1 each and sell them for $30, he continues. “Vendors can make $1,000 a day. People who sell at state fairs for a week or 10 days can sell $20,000 worth of rings,” he notes.

Ring stamping is easy to set up, as no electricity is needed, easy to learn, and can be completed in just minutes. Creative Gems’ Hand Stamping Tool kit comes with 114 top selling rings, sizes three through 16, a hand stamping rig tool and a wooden ring holder. Stamps are sold separately, and vendors can stamp the rings with whatever they want. If you’re at an event, for example, you can stamp the event’s name on the ring or you can stamp an occasion. To stamp a ring, a vendor simply chooses the first letter, places it in the rig, taps it with the hammer and goes on to the next letter. Letters can be blackened using a permanent marker.

skull pendant creative gemsCreative Gems also caters to vendors who sell at motorcycle rallies and biker shows, such as Daytona Bike Week.  ”I have the widest selection of biker jewelry available,” DeStaso points out. His broad line includes merchandise for both men and women, and includes rings, pendants, bracelets, chains, necklaces, earrings and cuff links. Products feature a wide array of designs such as skulls, serpents, roses, hearts, crosses and motorcycles, just to name a few. The company also sells a selection of gay pride jewelry, including commitment rings that feature the female Venus and male Mars symbols, for example. “Biker jewelry is big seller, too, with profit margins often five times wholesale price,” DeStaso remarks. “We offer new designs all the time, and that’s important because bikers like unique looks.”

Most of Creative Gems’ products are in stock and available, DeStaso states. The minimum order is $99. To showcase the company’s products, particularly the stampable rings, and attract shoppers, vendors can display enlarged photos of sample products.

Where to buy:

Creative Gems LLC
P.O. Box 515
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
Tel.: 888-969-7464


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  1. Dwight says:

    I am looking for a tool that holds stampable rings and the letter punch is placed above the ring and struck .
    no ome seems to know the name and I am having a real hard time trying to find one on the internet. I make flatware rings and want to start putting letters on them . or even start making rings with names . Can you help?

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