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How To Become A Successful Flea Market Vendor

April 23, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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how to be a successful vendorFlea market vendors are knowledgeable and motivated entrepreneurs with ideas and plans.  Becoming a successful businessperson is based on these attributes, as well as on the time and thought you invest in your business.  Here are five areas that, given a little time and attention, can lead vendors to success.

1.  Choose wisely what products you will sell. Do a little research about what products are popular with shoppers in your market. Is your venue in a trendy, up and coming area or are market visitors a more mature crowd? Do you want to sell, for example, tablet and cell phone accessories or soaps and toiletries? Once your business makes its statement, build your merchandise line around that so you can offer shoppers add on items and increase sales.

2.  Secure your supply of inventory. Add new items regularly to keep shoppers coming back.  There are many ways to locate suppliers, and finding the ones that have just what you want takes an ongoing effort.  Some of the best avenues include:

  • Researching the Web.
  • Shopping your competition.
  • Visiting trade shows.
  • Reading trade publications.
  • Joining trade organizations or buying groups.
  • Other vendors.

3.  Choose the right flea market. Search by location and physical appearance, and speak with the owner or manager. Learn what types of promotions and advertising the market employs. Ask about typical shopper traffic, and terms and rules of the market.  Make sure you are comfortable in the market and that your line of merchandise is a good fit for sales.

4.  Point of sale displays are important. Prepare an eye-catching and appealing display.  You might use an interesting piece of furniture or an attractive stand.  Set it up as a prop to display items and build around it.  Design a captivating entry and hang a sign to associate your look with your business identity.

5.  Spend time in your store. Have conversations with your customers. Invite them into your booth by demonstrating items in a casual way. Make yourself available to shoppers and answer their questions.  Shoppers respond to friendliness and personal attention.

Flea markets are a favorite activity of many Americans.  Successful vendors are those that offer merchandise at appealing prices that meets shoppers’ needs.


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  1. Diane Howard says:

    love all your tips for success, just wondering if you know how or where i can get a 5×7 visa mastercard display for my booth for my credit cards i accept or where to go to print one?? i have tryed to print them but they come out small and dont look very nice thanks for any help..Diane

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