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How To Create a Booth that Means Business

March 4, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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how to create a boothWhen it comes to having an impact at a flea market, booth design is a crucial part of the formula. While products and pricing are important, incorporating a unique design can make your booth stand out from the crowd. Here are a few suggestions to help you attract shoppers to your space.

A towering booth or products can combine a chic and simple appearance, and create a booth that can be seen from virtually every corner of the market. Do you sell tables or other furniture? Do you have merchandise you can pop onto a  tall post? If you can, use your own merchandise in the design. Additionally, thoughtful arrangement of various elements inside your booth can provide flow within the space to guide shoppers around your products.

how to captivate shoppersTo capture multiple demographics at your market, your booth must tell more than one story. For example, if you’re selling cell phone accessories, lure younger shoppers with graphics and displays that show friends staying in touch along with a cell phone productivity center for the executive shopper. If your booth allows it, use steel wire to hang your products from the ceiling to attract shoppers from a distance.

Other booth design elements have less to do with merchandise and more to do with captivating an audience. Mirrored interiors create a sense of expansion and vibrant lights brighten up an area. Another approach is to add color to your booth. Keep in mind that red is great for advertising sales and promotions because it is a power color. Orange, like red, grabs attention and is good for using around toys. Blue adds an element of trustworthiness to your business so if you’re selling products of which consumers may be wary try incorporating blue lighting or walls.

When innovatively designed, your booth can tower above the competition. Using your products themselves, mirrors and bold colors, and telling multiple stories to attract a range of shoppers, are just a few ideas to help you create a brilliant booth.


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  1. selling art says:

    I have learned the creative use of colors and signs makes a big difference when it comes to getting more attention at my booth. I also agree about adding displays that appeal to various consumers and age groups. For a long time I had a one size fits all approach and it did not work as well as mixing it up a bit.

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