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5 Franchise Ops for Flea Marketers

March 28, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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franchise opportunities for flea marketersIf you are considering launching a flea market business, or already have a business and are investigating new opportunities, consider that franchising is on the upswing, according to the Entrepreneur 2013 Franchise 500. Franchise businesses already have products developed with operations in place, and have invested money in marketing and advertising to create brand recognition, making it easier for flea market vendors to set up shop.

Points of interest when considering operating a franchise business include startup costs, ongoing fees and financing requirements, availability of training, types of ongoing support provided, such as newsletters, and marketing materials available, including advertising and local marketing pieces. Some franchisors require a large capital outlay, however, popular franchise product categories such as food, electronic cigarettes, pet supplies and nutritional products continue to do well in flea markets, without the expense of actually buying a franchise business. Here are five growing market categories for flea marketers.

1) Nutritional products. Shaklee is the number one natural nutrition product company in the U.S., and it continually researches and develops its product line. The firm presently sells four product lines: Healthy Nutrition, which includes vitamin and nutrient supplements; Healthy Weight, which offers such products as smoothees, a meal-in-a-bar, snacks and tea; Healthy Home, which is a selection of green products safe for people and the planet; and Healthy Beauty products. Franchisees can get started for $299 for a mini package, which includes a distributor welcome kit along with a selection of products. Distributors earn 20 to 50 percent on sales.

Shaklee Corporation
4747 Willow Road
Pleasanton, CA 94588
Tel.: 925-924-2000
Fax: 925-924-2862
Email: Online form

2) E-cigarettes. The electronic cigarette business made a powerful entrance into the flea market industry several years ago and this product category continues to gain popularity with consumers. Whether to avoid health complications or to dodge exorbitant cigarette taxes, an increasing number of consumers are turning to electronic cigarettes as a replacement for traditional tobacco products. As a result, the electronic cigarette industry is booming, bringing in $300 million in total revenue at the end of 2012, and that amount is expected to surpass $1 billion within two to three years.

Never Light Again e-CigaretteNever Light Again is a supplier that sells disposable electronic cigarettes, individually and in starter packs, as well as cartridges and tanks, and e-liquids in gourmet flavors and a value pack, at special wholesale prices. The company’s electronic cigarette offers an increasingly popular smoking alternative that looks, tastes, feels and acts like a cigarette but doesn’t produce any real smoke. The product utilizes a tar free, odorless nicotine vapor that is free of the chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

Never Light Again
20945 Devonshire St. #102
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Toll Free: 800-767-1610
Email: Online form

3) Food. The popularity of food franchises, such as 16 Handles frozen yogurt, Fannie Mae candies and all kinds of bakery goods companies, confirms that Americans like their treats, and this is evident at flea markets, which often have restaurants, a food court and/or single booths of homemade goodies. One food that continues to be well liked among market goers is fresh, hot roasted nuts. With Cajun Creole Products’ Tosty Nut Roaster, vendors can produce healthy treats that come with a built-in sales tool, an inviting aroma.

Roasted peanuts are selling well at flea markets and swap meets.

The Tosty Nut Roaster commercial nut roaster is easy to operate, and roasts seven pounds of in-shell nuts per batch. Depending on the type of nut, it can take from 25 to 35 minutes to complete the process. Tosty Nut Roaster’s regular list price is $2,995, but the special introductory price is $2,495. Figuring today’s peanut prices, the machine pays for itself once about 360 bags of nuts are sold. If peanuts cost $1 a pound and you make four 4-ounce bags, that is $.25 per bag. If you sell the bags for $2, your profit would be $7 per pound. It’s possible for sellers to recoup their initial investment in as little as one weekend.

Cajun Creole Products Inc.
5610 Daspit RoadNew Iberia, LA 70563
Tel.: 800-946-8688 or 337-229-8464
Fax: 337-229-4814

4) Pet supplies. The pet industry continues to be a lucrative area of retail and is one of the hottest product categories in the U.S. today. Many Americans remain budget strapped, yet they delight in buying economical products that reflect their affection for Fido. Prismatix Inc.’s wide range of pet merchandise is a showstopper at flea markets, and includes Life’s Better with Dogs magnets, Humorous oval magnets, 3D dog bookmarks and Dogs on Duty signs. All of the company’s products are made in the USA, and magnets are removable and won’t cause damage to cars.

prismatixThe Life is Better magnet series features 96 breeds (90 dogs and six cats), and the Humorous series offers 96 messages. Magnets retail for $3.99 to $5.99, and wholesale for $1.75. Design displays contain three of each magnet and are available with either 288 pieces (all Life’s Better or all Humorous) or 360 pieces (a combination of Life’s Better and Humorous). Prismatix’s line of 3D dog bookmarks, which wholesale for $2.25 each and retail for $3.99 to $5.99, showcases 18 breeds. The company’s Dogs on Duty plastic signs feature 96 breeds, and a design display with 384 pieces is available. The wholesale price is $1 each and retail is $1.99 to $3.99.

Prismatix Inc.
324 Railroad Ave.
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Toll Free: 800-222-9662
Fax: 201-525-2828

5) Home improvements. ShelfGenie manufactures Glide-Out shelving solutions that are custom built to fit virtually any existing cabinet, pantry or furniture. Consumers like the shelves because they use environmentally friendly building products, are made in the USA, and are durable and affordable. ShelfGenie franchisees, which are given protected territories, must pay an initial investment of around $70,000. The Pull-Out Shelf Company has a similar product, a sliding shelf system that will fit any existing cabinet. The franchisor offers a slew of support products and start-up cost is around $10,000.

1642 Powers Ferry Road SE, Suite 200
Marietta, GA 30067
Toll Free: 877-814-3643
Email: Online Form

The Pull-Out Shelf Company
3631 S. Broadmont Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85713
Tel.: 520-299-2402
Fax: 520-232-3438
Email: Online form

Clearly, product categories as well as start up costs for franchisees run the gamut, and flea market vendors have a multitude of options. Vendors who establish connections with affordable, reputable franchisors or who create their own similar businesses, by following key trends and promoting relationships with knowledgeable merchandise suppliers, stand to succeed with business opportunities. Tradeshows, magazines and the Internet, with such resources as’s Top Product Sources page and Wholesale Central’s Supplier Directory, are good places to start your search and build the business of your dreams.

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