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Portable Hookah Healthier Smoking Alternative

February 27, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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portable hookahRevolutionary advances in science, coupled with consumers’ desire to lead more healthy lifestyles, are destined to forever change the way people smoke. Terrmel Sledge, president and co-owner, along with his brother Mel Briggs, of Hookah Portable and Never Light Again, is an ex-major league baseball player, having played with the San Diego Padres, Montreal Expos and the Washington Nationals. “For 20 years, I struggled with an addiction to chewing tobacco, cigars and cigarettes. We started an electronic cigarette company in 2004 and, with our own product, I was finally able to quit smoking,” Sledge reveals. Taking inspiration from his personal experience with electronic cigarettes sold by their company, Sledge and Briggs began offering a Never Light Again e-Cigaretteportable hookah product via Hookah Portable. “Our portable hookah is another great alternative to smoking because it has a slight four milligrams of nicotine,” Sledge explains, adding that a zero nicotine line is in the works. “Both our e-cigarette and Hookah Portable have zero carcinogens.” That’s because it is the fire component that releases the hazardous chemicals in tobacco, and both the Hookah Portable and Never Light Again e-cigarette are battery operated and completely fire-free.

“The Hookah Portable is in every single celebrity’s hands from the Grammys to the Oscars. It has a huge following,” he adds. With celebrity endorsements from actor Lance Gross, E! News host Terrence J and popular MMG recording artist Meek Mill, the product is receiving public exposure, which has increased customer awareness and demand. The hookah is about the social experience, Sledge points out, and with the traditional hookah there is coal involved, the set up is tedious and you can’t take it outside of a lounge or your house. “But you can put the Hookah Portable in your pocket because it’s under five inches long and around the size of a cigarette.” Hookah Portables are available in 11 different flavors, including Banana Split, Hawaiian Cream, Mojito and Peach, and come¬†with four plastic sharing pieces.

The average cost per individual to smoke a regular hookah pipe is around $30, according to Sledge, while a Hookah Portable retails for $14.99, and wholesales for $5. While there is no minimum order, retailers who purchase a 60-piece kit for $300 receive a complimentary countertop display case that would otherwise cost $20. A 30-piece point of purchase display that is more appealing to retail storeowners soon will be available as well. Shipping is free for all orders.

Alternative means to smoking tobacco continue to gain popularity with consumers. Both the Hookah Portable and Never Light Again’s electronic cigarette offer retailers opportunities for sales, returning customers and good profit margins.

For more information:

Hookah Portable
20945 Devonshire Street, Ste. 102
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Toll free: 800-341-0320
Email: Online form

Never Light Again
20945 Devonshire St. #102
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Toll free: 800-767-1610
Email: Online form


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  1. selling art says:

    This is clearly going to be a flea market hit. More people are smoking a hookah and getting together to do it. It is a healthier smoking alternative and having a portable one is a way to avoid the temptation of smoking cigarettes or cigars. If Hollywood people are doing it, it won’t be long before everyone else wants one.

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