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Polarview Sunglasses are Flea Market Favorites

February 21, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger  
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Sunglass manufacturing groupThe hottest trend in sunglasses is about both design and functionality, according to David Zeuner, CEO of Sunglass Manufacturing Group. “Polarview is a new technology for sunglasses that does everything polarized lenses do to block UVA and UVB light as well as reflective glare, but, unlike polarized lenses, they don’t block instrumentation. Even in bright light, you can see screens on devices like cell phones, GPS, aviation panels and iPads. All of our sunglasses are Polarview.” Notably, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the use of Polarview glasses, and outlawed the use of polarized glasses, for airline pilots.

“Polarview takes sunglasses to a whole new level and they offer advantages consumers are looking for,” Zeuner points out. As a result, they sell significantly better than polarized lenses. Another advantage to vendors is the product’s hefty mark up. Sunglass Manufacturing Group’s sunglasses wholesale for around $2 each, and retail is $12.99 to $19.99 for men’s and women’s styles and $9.99 for children’s. Starter packs are available, and a 60 piece best seller mixed lot wholesales for $24 per dozen, for example.

The company is introducing a line of goggles this year, which are expected to be flea market favorites. “We have 20 styles with removable foam inserts,” Zeuner shares. “They are great for motorcycles, jet skis and wave runners because they are salt water resistant and you can see the speedometer.” For women, Zeuner says, the company’s big plastic sunglasses with logos are expected to be great sellers. “We have more than 100 women’s high fashion styles.” Zeuner expects the Sunglam line, which is available in assorted colors and has patterned arms, to be popular. The company expects its men’s Mafia eyewear, glasses that have a small side window and come in several colors, are expected to be strong as well. Sunglass readers with magnifying power, so users can read by the pool or beach, also will be popular in spring and summer. Ten styles are available.

Sunglass Manufacturing Group’s website makes it easy for vendors to place orders, Zeuner notes. “Anything that is on the site is in stock. Vendors can be confident that anything they put in their shopping cart is available.” Another important feature is a result of the company photographing images with high tech camera equipment. Buyers can hover over a picture to get a close up image of the product and see every detail. The minimum order is one dozen pairs, and vendors who buy online get free shipping. Point-of-purchase displays are available to help vendors showcase Polarview sunglasses. A 120-piece spinner rack wholesales for $249, and 3-piece and 5-piece acrylic displays wholesale for $7 and $10 each, respectively.

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