Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Montgomery County Fairgrounds Flea Market

16 Chestnut Street

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Phone: 301-649-1915

Manager/Owner: L. Johnson Promotions

Saturday Flea market on the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. $25/day, spaces are 20′ wide, 10′ deep with car/van parking.  We have antiques, collectible, crafts, books, and all manner of new and used merchandise.  Set up begins at 7AM, market hours are 8am-4pm. Free admission for shoppers.


One Response to “Montgomery County Fairgrounds Flea Market”
  1. I’m a responsible adult, 50ish, and would like to become a vendor, if it’s OK to sell my merchandise at your market. I sell collectible knives and swords, every item guaranteed BRAND NEW and most meant for DISPLAY ONLY. Everything except the largest novelty swords comes with an original gift box- it’s all clean, classy, eye-catching stuff. I also offer everyday items such as kitchen cutlery sets, hunting and camping knives, pocketknives, etc. The vast majority of items sells for less than $30, and prices range from $1 for a “key chain” knife to around $200 for top end, decorative gift items. But I have a question- is it ok to sell knives at your flea market, as long as each customer is 18 or older? Question 2- For enhanced security (not that I believe it’s truly necessary) I’d like to park my (small) pickup truck right next to or behind my tables, using the truck bed itself as a display area for the larger, more expensive swords. Is this possible? If not, it’s OK. Just asking. Please reply by email or phone as soon as you can- I live nearby, am anxious to give your venue a try, and if things work out I’d love to become a regular. Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and I hope to be doing business with you very soon! Sincerely, Andy Chisarick 301 – 503 – 2580

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