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How to Use Signs: Make Browsers Buy TODAY

January 21, 2013 by Jes Zurell  
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image of sign in storeInformational signs can be helpful in attracting customers to any type of booth. By conveying deals or product details, signage entices shoppers to slow down long enough to find out what’s going on in your booth. However, making or placing them in the wrong way can work against you, rather than generate traffic. Conditional messages, such as “and up” in small print below a price can deter even moderately interested customers, who will assume that the merchandise they really want will be priced higher than the advertised amount. Here are some tips to clean up your booth signage and see profits grow as a result.

Put signs in the right spot. How do customers see your booth? Where do their eyes go when they approach your merchandise? Place signs in a place that doesn’t hinder browsing and is easy to see. Putting a large A-frame sign on top of a table of small accessories, for example, might get in the way of shoppers who want to look at pieces without feeling crowded. In addition, you may want to place a sign with the name of your store on a high awning or at eye level in the front of your space.

Keep it simple. While bold colors are eye catching, a combination of them can be an eyesore. If you want to make a sign look bright, pick one vibrant color and keep the rest of them toned down. This way, the sign will be easy to read.

Make it stand out with a simple embellishment, such as a frame or lights. Using better quality materials, such as vinyl instead of poster board, or a chalkboard rimmed with colored lights instead of a whiteboard with the day’s specials can make a customer stop and think, “Wow, that’s neat!”

The font should be tidy and unique. If you prefer a hand-drawn sign for your booth, sketch it out in pencil before committing to paint or other permanent mediums. If you’re using a computer to create your sign, look online for interesting fonts that reflect the type of merchandise you sell. Many fonts are available for free download, and can add just the right finishing touch to your display. The best part about computer-crafted signage is that it’s easy to change and preview before you have the final copy printed.

Get to the point. Use direct language when you create a sign. There’s no need to list every detail about a product or your business – just a few words will do. Mention your booth’s name, point out items on sale and draw attention to a great price. Avoid using the words “and up” if possible.

With a couple of great visuals to help show off your merchandise, you’re sure to stand out at any flea market, and by using these tips to create effective signs, you will soon be on the right track. Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas, or examples of the above.

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