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Health and Sports Necklaces Up Your Game

December 6, 2012 by Jes Zurell  
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image of baseball player in titanium sport necklaceTitanium sport necklaces are all the rage among baseball players and other athletes. Processed with special treatments to make the water-soluble germanium, titanium and negative ions stay absorbed in the fabric, the components retain their potency for the life of the necklace. The ions cannot be worn or washed out, even during water sports. “According to our manufacturer, germanium, titanium and negative ions are very powerful chemical elements when blended together into a necklace or bracelet fabric,” says Ken Wortkoetter, owner of Fun Zone Distributors, a supplier of wholesale titanium necklaces. “These help relieve stress and fatigue by improving blood flow and circulation. Many athletes are finding positive results in enhancing their sports performance while wearing these necklaces.” The claim is that the necklace material emits energy that effectively controls the flow of bio-electric currents in the body and improves the alignment of ions at crucial motor joints. Professional athletes including Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks, Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees and star quarterback Matt Hasselbeck are just a few of the sport celebrities who have endorsed titanium accessories.

Titanium health and sports necklaces were initially only available in a limited number of sporting goods stores and online manufacturer stores, earning a retail price of up to $59 each. Now, Fun Zone Distributing has changed that. “We are located in Ohio, but we supply vendors everywhere with our quick response team,” Wortkoetter adds. Vendors have access to the product in 31 different colors and combinations, for prices as low as $1.50 per necklace. The product sells well at flea markets and fairs for between $8 and $15. Fun Zone has a $100 minimum order, with free shipping on necklace and bracelet orders totaling more than $150. Display signage is also available upon request.

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