Sunday, October 21, 2018

Knoxville Vendors Make New Home

image of the bargain shoppers mini mallVendors from the Turkey Creek Public Market have started their own indoor flea market after having been displaced this past July. The Turkey Creek Public Market had been open for one year and contained hundreds of booths, but shut down following a press release stating, “It’s just time to move on.” According to WBIR, the local NBC affiliate, vendors speculated that the location was to blame. Warren Biddle, with a number of other vendors, then decided to purchase the Old 84 Lumber Building on Clinton Highway and rent space to former vendors from Turkey Creek. The project required months of renovations to the building, but it opened for business this month. Now operating as the Bargain Shoppers Mini Mall, vendors have a new place to sell their wares without having to leave the Knoxville area.

“I was able to put back enough during the time I was working at Turkey Creek to survive,” Darrell Snyder told Channel 6 of Knoxville. The owner of Bladerunners cutlery booth reports that business is picking up. “We’re getting the word out. There’s a lot of potential here.” The Bargain Shoppers Mini Mall has an active Facebook page that connects vendors, shoppers and market management. The most popular new merchandise on this page includes licensed athletic apparel, accessories, children’s closeouts and cutlery.

The Bargain Shoppers Mini Mall is located at 5713 Clinton Highway, Knoxville, TN 37849.More information about booth rental and setup can be obtained by contacting 865-945-0331.

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