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10 Hot Products for 2013

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With sales at the nation’s flea markets rising healthily, vendors continue to seek out new merchandise to expand their shops. Our 10 Hot Products section introduces innovative cleaning products, like the SwipeAway mini squeegee, functional accessories, including the Retractable Tool Tether, the latest in remote control toys, such as the E-bird, and more. These products are sure to inspire sales in the upcoming year.

Socks with a Snap

image of snappy socksUSA DAWGS, Inc. carries a new product that provides an innovative solution to one of life’s most frustrating conundrums, the missing sock. Known to disappear in the hamper, be eaten by the dryer or hide away in the corner of a drawer, the lone sock finally meets its match with the introduction of clever Snappy Socks. “We all know the feeling of rushing to get ready in the morning and having your daily work or school routine come to a firm halt due to a pesky missing sock,” says Steve Mann, president and CEO of USA DAWGS. “To help save cost and time, the inventor, also a mother of six, has brought Snappy Socks to answer this dilemma.”

Snappy Socks are constructed from a comfortable blend of cotton, polyester and stretch, offering superior breathability and movement. At the leg opening of each sock is a snap that connects the pair together easily for washing and sorting, making for one less thing to worry about when preparing for the day. The socks come in two heights, including a taller trouser cut for everyday wear and a lower cut ankle sock for invisibility with shorts. The socks are available in sizes for toddlers, children, women and men, with an array of patterns and solid colors for all. Prints range from cupcakes to camouflage and everything in between. Children’s styles feature animated giraffes, butterflies and racecars in addition to the patterns available for men and women. Wholesale prices range from $2 for infant pairs to $3.50 for men’s trouser socks, with suggested retail pricing set at $4 to $7, respectively. There are volume discounts available determined on a per order basis and a minimum order of 10 pairs applies to all USA DAWGS orders, which can be mixed with any of the company’s shoe selections, as well.

Extreme Sonic Speakers

image of sonic speakersNew Age Discoveries has launched a line of super small speakers, Sonic Quake, Sonic Pod and Lil’ Wiz, that project sound from anything in a big way, while maintaining auditory quality. “Everybody has something they can’t hear, whether it’s sound from a laptop, cell phone or television,” explains company partner, Josh Eastman. “Typically with speakers, the smaller they are, the worse they sound, but the opposite is true with our line. We’ve created about the smallest, best sounding versions on the market.”

Sonic Quake, Sonic Pod and Lil’ Wiz work with any standard headphone jack, and come with a one-year warranty. They run off two AAA batteries or an electrical charge, and a USB cord is included. Lil’ Wiz, at 2.2″ by 2.8″, is the largest of the trio and comes with a mount. It retails for $130 and wholesales for $75. This is the company’s, “industrial version,” Eastman notes, “and will actually shake the drywall in a house.” It features blue tooth and has a microphone. Sonic Quake retails for $80 and wholesales for $15, and Sonic Pod retails for $50 and wholesales for $10.

A looping DVD is available, and retailers can attach product photos to a piece of foam board to create their own point-of-purchase display. Through December 25, New Age Discoveries is offering free shipping, which is a savings of $20 to $30. The minimum order is $400, and the company offers a buy back guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk, Eastman states.

Retractable Tool Tether

image of andy gorman's retractable tool tetherThe Retractable Tool Tether, a vinyl coated 22-inch steel cable that retracts into a small container, secures small electronics and tools to the wearer’s bag or belt, according to Andy Gorman, co-owner of AGC Enterprises NW, LLC. “It works for any number of small personal accessories, like binoculars and wrenches, and lipstick and pepper spray for women,” Gorman adds. The product comes in light and heavy-duty editions, and is available in 13 colors. It can be customized with a company or team logo printed on the compartment piece where the retracted wire is stored. Three models are available, one with a Velcro strip, one with a red and blue flashing LED “Safety Alert Light” and another with a white LED (Peek-A-Boo flashlight). Gorman has created unique package designs for each, to encourage sales in a wide spectrum of retail settings.

Suggested retail for retractable tool tethers with Velcro is $14.95, and both flashlight models retail for $17.50 each. First time customers receive a 10 percent discount, and while there is no minimum order, Gorman generally accepts orders of 25 pieces, which range from $200 to $237, with Velcro models priced at the lower end. Gorman recently added a pre-Christmas Sample Six Pack to the selection.

RC E-Bird Flaps and Chirps

E-Bird remote control birds, available from Berlib, flap their wings like real birds, climbing, swooping and diving through the air, while making a simulated bird sound. A rudder on the bird’s tail allows users to direct the bird left or right, and users can control wing speed to make E-bird climb higher and fly faster, or to hover in place. “When someone demonstrates E-Bird at a venue, it’s eye catching and people come from all over to see it,” says BJ Lehrfeld, company partner. The glider is made of lightweight material and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, because of its wind resistant design. The bird is capable of controlled flight at a distance of up to 70 feet, and flight time is about 12 minutes.

E-Bird is available in four designs: Blue Pigeon, Green Parrot, Pink Butterfly and Orange Phoenix. Four AA batteries power the remote control. Wholesale prices range from $13 to $15, depending on the number of cases purchased, and retail is $30 to $50. Cases contain 24 pieces, and there is no minimum order. The product packaging is bright and colorful, and boxes stack easily to make an appealing display.

SwipeAway: The Mini Squeegee

image of the mini squeegeeSwipeAway mini squeegees, available from The Blue Swing LLC, are a better alternative to towels, napkins and sponges as a means to remove water from countertops, mirrors and more, according to Brian Lefkowitz, president of the company. “I’m an inventor, so ideas come to me in a lot of different ways,” explains Lefkowitz. “For the SwipeAway, I was looking at an art exhibit of a bathroom mirror with an actual windshield wiper screwed into the top. Then it hit me that there really was no mini squeegee on the market that was small enough to keep on the bathroom counter, or in your medicine cabinet for use with mirrors. What I didn’t expect was all of the other great uses for the SwipeAway. Two of my other favorites are use around the kitchen sink and clearing rain from side-view mirrors.”

SwipeAway is compact, at about 5.5 inches by one inch, and stores easily because it doesn’t have a handle. The silicone backing allows for a soft, non-slip grip, while the curved front provides a resting place for fingertips. The product comes two per package, retails for $4.99, and wholesales for $35.93 per case of 12 packages. The minimum order is two cases, and volume discounts are available. Each case is packed in a disposable countertop POP display. Buyers can custom brand SwipeAway with a minimum order of 1,000 pieces.

BasketPong For Tailgating Fun

image of basketpong gameBasketPong, a new tailgating game from XPS, combines the competitiveness and skill of basketball with the fun and excitement of other outdoor activities such as beanbag toss. The game is available in both door hanging and stand-alone configurations, which come in lightweight, compact carrying cases that are well suited to retail shelves. Similar to a basketball hoop, the stand-alone BasketPong configuration features a vertical setup, including a backboard, adjustable stand and base.

The backboard on BasketPong has eight slots, in which customers place rims that are used to hold cups, considered basketball “baskets.” The goal of the game is to get a BasketPong ball into each of the cups, thus “eliminating” each cup or basket. BasketPong is designed for teams of two, and is generally played from a shooting distance of eight feet, with a playing height of six feet. Players can, however, create different patterns with the rims and cups, allowing them to customize the game and play at various skill levels. Additionally, traditional basketball related games such as Horse or 21 can be played with the product. BasketPong is easily assembled for play within minutes. The half-court game wholesales for $56.95 to $69.95, depending on volume ordered, and retails for $99.99. The minimum order is 10 units.

Successful Sales in Socks

image of socks by k&C hosieryK & C Hosiery is a family business operating out of Pennsauken, NJ, which specializes in socks, tee shirts, underwear, hats and other basic apparel. The wholesaler launched in 1997 and business has been strong ever since. By operating with its own private label, K & C Hosiery is able to sell directly to vendors without the need for a middleman, relying instead on its website, which keeps the company’s entire catalogue neat, organized and nationally accessible. The company functions largely through its website, but in January of 2013, it will open a brick and mortar showroom for customers near New Jersey who would like to see and feel the products for themselves.

Basics tee shirts sell well at flea markets because they are a blank slate for either the vendor or the customer, offering the chance to get creative with tie dye or appliques, or leave them plain. K & C Hosiery has more than 40 basic shirts to choose from and periodically adds new items to the list. Whether it’s shirts, socks or underwear, basic colors never go out of style in any sales setting. Right now, the company’s best sellers are men’s boxers, crew socks, thermal socks and wool socks, due to winter being just around the corner. The wool sock choices were introduced to the company last year, and following their successful sales, the company chose to continue stocking them. The socks do well for vendors because they are an easy impulse buy that customers are quick to pick up. Available in a variety of colors and fiber blends, such as merino wool and angora, these socks wholesale for as low as $3 per dozen, up to $24 per dozen for higher-end wool socks. The company’s minimum order is $100, but sellers who buy by the pallet or purchase an entire case of one item may receive a price break.

Brass Lighters Fire Up Sales

image of brass lightersCome wind or come water, retailers know that a sign of a quality lighter is the ability to function in nearly any environment. Whether lighting a cigarette on a rainy day or a cigar on the highway at 75 miles per hour, the lighters known to be reliable are those made of solid materials, filled with the most robust oil. The new series of brass lighters offered by CTS Wholesale LLC fits this mold precisely. “By taking care of this kind of lighter, it can last a lifetime,” says Kirk Bachelder, CEO of CTS Wholesale. “When the wick burns down, you pull it higher. If the flint wears, it can be replaced.” Featuring solid brass fabrication, as opposed to the traditional steel, means that the lighters are non-corrosive and ready to weather any ride.

CTS Wholesale’s brass lighter line comes in a variety of looks to suit nearly any taste. There are clean and simple metal lighters, as well as more ornate ones with fantasy, wildlife, tribal and feminine designs. Each lighter is sold individually in an elegant display that is both attractive and space conscious. “Retailers can sell the brass series easily because of the way they’re presented,” Bachelder points out. “This is the type of item that looks great on a countertop and is easy to add. It makes an easy impulse buy for convenience store customers.” The wholesale price points for this particular line range from $5.50 to $8, and because the lighters are more high end, Bachelder has noticed that retailers can earn a high markup by retailing each piece for $15 to $25. “We’re set up with no minimum order,” Bachelder continues. “But customers who buy in bulk are able to access our discounts, beginning with a 10 percent off of a $500 order, followed by a 15 percent discount on $1,000 and a 20 percent discount on orders totaling $2,000 and over.”

My Hikes Protects Kids’ Cuffs

image of myhikes cuffs for kidsLike many parents, Dani Schlesinger, product designer and owner of My Hikes LLC, would buy her son’s pants a little large to try and make them last an entire season.”When spending $25 on kids’ jeans, you want them to look nice and you want them to last,” she shares,”and it bugs you when they’re dragging on the ground. I searched for a product that would hold the cuff up, and there was nothing out there, so I thought, “I’ll make one.’” The result is My Hikes pant cuff fasteners, which keeps pants from dragging along the floor and becoming damaged, while adding a fun, decorative look.

The patented innovation is lightweight, and easy to attach and remove. After rolling pants to the desired height, users slide the product over the seam and press the center to secure it.”So much stuff is created for kids that is just junk and doesn’t do anything, and this is something that is cute and functional too,” Schlesinger stresses. Available in seven designs, including a train, dump truck, soccer ball, baseball, flower, butterfly and princess crown, the original artwork is colorful and three-dimensional. The flower and soccer ball are the two most popular, Schlesinger notes, with the company’s new butterfly design a close third.”We took a while to design the product, because it had to be small and light. We wanted it to pass the small parts test, so it could be used by children of all ages. It had to be of a certain quality and durability,” she points out.

A pair of My Hikes wholesales for $5 and retails for $12 to $15. The minimum order is 12 pairs, but Schlesinger says she will consider requests for smaller orders. Clear plastic displays are available for $15 and $25. Retailers who mention Independent Retailer magazine will receive free shipping within the continental U.S. on orders of 12 units or more.

Hammerhead Protects iPads

image of hammerhead ipad coversThe holiday season is prime time for electronics purchases, and sales of electronics accessories and protective gear are equally strong, well into the New Year. To meet this demand, Hammerhead recently introduced a top-grain leather folio case for Apple tablets, available in black and red. “The product holds the iPad securely, and has a crease in the cover that allows it to either sit flat for typing or be propped up for display purposes,” explains Don Mayer, CEO and founder of Hammerhead. “Additionally, there are cutouts for all the necessary ports.”

Hammerhead prefers that retailers call for wholesale pricing, but reveals that the leather case retails for around $60. “The firm doesn’t require a minimum order, but we do encourage orders by the case,” Mayer notes. In development for release by the end of December, Hammerhead will have a smaller version of its Capo hard case planned for the new Apple products. The Capo hard case makes tablets virtually indestructible, even when run over by a pickup truck, as documented on a YouTube video. “Customers can rely on the fact that we provide extraordinary customer service for our resellers,” Mayer adds. “We’re happy to work with them to develop displays and promotions for our products.”

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For more information:
4120 W. Windmill Ln, Unit 106
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Tel.: 702-260-1060
Email: sales@usadawgs.com
Website: www.usadawgs.com

New Age Discoveries
Tel.: 920-533-3579
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Website: www.sonicquake.com

AGC Enterprises NW, LLC
7475 SW 82nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97223
Tel.: 971-246-3571
Email: info@retractabletooltether.com
Website: www.wholesalecentral.com/agcenterprises

Berlib Inc.
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Tel.: 718-915-5376
Email: bjlehrfeld@yahoo.com

The Blue Swing LLC
595 1/2 S. 3rd St.
Columbus, OH 43215-5755
Tel.: 614-636-2929
Email: Brian@swipeaway.com
Website: swipeaway.com

650-D South Rt. 30
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Tel.: 800-493-4904
Email: paul@xtremepongsports.com
Website: www.basketpong.com

K & C Hosiery
7601 Kaighn Ave
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Tel.: 856-661-0060
Fax: 856-661-1160
Email: kchosiery@comcast.net
Website: www.kchosiery.com

CTS Wholesale LLC
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Tel.: 800-796-3486
Fax: 503-589-4121
Email: info@ctswholesalesunglasses.com
Website: www.ctswholesalesunglasses.com

My Hikes LLC
2614 Spring Lane
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Email: connect@hammerheadcase.com
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