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Seasonal Sparkle for Surefire Sales

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When it comes to the holidays, jewelry and watches are popular sellers at flea markets, and vendors can bank on this category at several price points. From precious gems and metals to affordably priced alternatives, wholesalers are designing and distributing a multitude of products sure to please seasonal buyers.

image of america's silver companyAmerica’s Silver Collection carries an extensive line of sophisticated micro pavé sterling silver jewelry for both men and women, including rings, pendants, crosses, watches and earrings. The company will be exhibiting its wares at the JIS show in Miami Beach, October 4-7, at booth 553. “We’ll also display our custom pieces so people can see our craftsmanship and the outstanding end result,” says Asif Lahkani, manager. America’s Silver Collection will also have red tag merchandise at the show. “All these items are new but at super low prices,” notes Lahkani. “We had this special offer at the ASD show in August and people couldn’t believe the prices. We’ll also be showcasing our watch line.”

America’s Silver Collection’s signature watch is the G-Shock, available in several styles and colors, including G-Schock Sports Band, the hottest seller in the line. G-Schock Sports Band has a customized cubic zirconia bezel and retails for $1,299.50. Another product line customers are very happy with is earrings, of which 90 percent are screw backs. According to Lahkani, screw backs are rare in silver jewelry and this is a promising area for the company. Eighty percent of customers set retail prices at the tag price, he adds. “If something has $100 on the tag, we sell it to our customers for $20.”

“We are working on two lines to be launched prior to the January Miami show, maybe as early as December,” reveals Lahkani. “They are the Perfect and i-Promise collections of ladies rings and pendants. If you say something is perfect, it has to be perfect, so we are putting a lot of R&D into the line.” The Perfect Collection will have Swarovski stones and is designed to look like an actual diamond ring. i-Promise, made of silver and cubic zirconia, is the company’s line of petite, promisory rings. “We want our rings to say a lot about the commitment being made,” Lahkani stresses. “It’s not just a ring, it’s a promise ring and that is meaningful.”

image of wholesale jewelry and accessoriesWholesale Jewelry and Accessories carries more than 10,000 products including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, novelty items, body jewelry, sunglasses and reading accessories, available at heavily discounted prices. “Our customers are gearing up for Christmas now, and we expect that department store jewelry for children will be popular,” predicts owner Jerry Conklin. “We’ve got over 100 different styles and it’s all pre-priced from $4 to $6. It’s one of our best lines for kids and we sell it at $.58 apiece.” The company recently introduced a new line called, “Taramanda,” comprising 100 styles of cubic zirconia and crystal earrings, perfect for holiday gift giving. “The crystal earrings wholesale at $1.25 and retail for $5 to $10,” Conklin points out. “The cubic zirconia wholesale for $3 and retail from $10 to $20.” Like much of Wholesale Jewelry and Accessories’ merchandise, they include free shipping and a display. “That is a great savings, especially for our West Coast customers,” Conklin stresses. Also available with free shipping and a display is the company’s new line of cocktail rings. “We call them ‘bling rings’ because there are crystals all over the rings,” Conklin shares. “They wholesale for $2.50 and retail for $5 to $10.”

Wholesale Jewelry and Accessories sells a variety of merchandise for $.08 to $2. “A lot of the items we sell, you would normally see in a department store for $15,” Conklin notes. “I sell them everyday for $.62. We’re talking less than five cents on the dollar.” This is possible because the company buys tractor-trailer loads of merchandise, “and we’re tough buyers,” he states. “We know where we need to be to be able to sell to our customers, who are some of the most price demanding people on the planet.” Conklin likes his customers to sell his merchandise well under suggested retail price. “We want our customers’ customers to see something marked at $20 being sold for $3. That’s what gets them excited.”

image of something special laSomethingSpecial LA also wholesales a wide variety of jewelry and accessories, including bracelets, brooches, earrings, hair accessories, key chains, sunglasses and gloves. “Our necklaces, and necklace and earring sets are a current fashion trend, and Swarovski crystal earrings are big sellers,” says John Nam, company spokesperson. “We expect them to be popular for the holidays.” SomethingSpecial also sells Christmas and winter themed earrings, rings and bracelets. “We have new items coming in every week that will be good for the holidays,” Nam continues. Wholesale prices range from $1 to $30, depending on the product. “Our big collar necklace sets are a little more pricey,” Nam remarks. “The Semi-Precious and Dressy necklace and earring sets are popular now.” These sets wholesale for around $20, and like most of the company’s merchandise, retail for about 30 percent higher. Hairpins and accessories, as well as seasonal wreath earrings and Santa Claus earrings, make great stocking stuffers or fun holiday gifts, Nam adds. Wholesale prices range from $1 to $5. In business for nearly three decades in the center of Los Angeles, Something Special LA makes it a priority to stay on top of fashion accessories, everyday fashion and special occasion jewelry trends.

image of teagan collection jewelryWith Teagan Collection, vendors have the option of building their own designs or carrying finished pieces. All of the company’s beads and pendants are made of sterling silver, with a heavy rhodium finish that prevents tarnishing. According to Ernie Hinderliter, owner, the collegiate collection is the company’s most popular line. “We were the first to carry a line of collegiate beads and we have 24 school licenses,” Hinderliter explains. “The line continues to grow double digits because it’s an affordable luxury.” Many sellers say their customers like it, because for $30 or $40 they can wear something new to a game.

Teagan Collection has a co-branding relationship with Swarovski, and its flexible pearl bead bracelet, which retails for $64, contains Swarovski crystals along with a collegiate bead. The company also sells individual Swarovski beads in various colors, which retail for $34 each and wholesale for $17. “We are in talks right now with Swarovski for another product, but it won’t be out for a while,” Hinderliter shares. “We’re going to introduce two really interesting products in 2013.” Teagan Collection offers a no-risk guarantee and will replace any product, or refund the purchase price for any reason. The minimum order is $500 for the first order, and $100 for subsequent orders.

image of sales one llc jewelrySales One LLC, launched in 2000, carries two unique lines of jewelry, Body Vibe and Inox, reports Mark Hollis, company owner. “The company was founded on Body Vibe and that is still one of our main businesses, along with the stainless steel Inox jewelry. Both are growing rapidly.” The Inox line of 1,400 pieces includes rings, pendants, anklets, charms, chains, money clips, cuff links and bracelets. Stainless steel is popular because it doesn’t tarnish, is easy to clean, holds up over time, doesn’t scratch easily and is affordable, Hollis states. Ninety percent of Inox jewelry is made from 316L, a marine grade stainless steel that is non-corrosive in salt water.

“Rose gold and stainless steel and black diamond and stainless steel combinations are working really well and getting even stronger,” Hollis notes, “and for the last two years, leather and steel have been picking up. There’s been a lot of European influence with the multiple bracelets that both men and women are wearing today, and a lot of our pieces lend themselves to wearing multiple versions.” Markup is generally three times wholesale price. “On the wholesale side, most of our rings are below $10 and most of our chains are in the $5 to $10 range,” Hollis continues. “Our average price for bracelets is around $25. We have great gift items and our retailers do really well in December.”

With Body Vibes, although the line is composed of pieces that decorate the entire body, it’s all about the ear, according to Hollis. “People are wearing larger size plugs. People don’t think twice about spending $20 for a nice pair of plugs,” that the vendor paid $4 or $5 for. Body jewelry has a huge markup and retails for four to five times wholesale. Sales One introduces new styles almost every week and has fully integrated design, manufacturing, sales and distribution systems. In addition to Body Vibe and Inox, the company, located in Norwalk, CT, also distributes Wild Tribe and a line of Playboy licensed jewelry.

image of killerbeads jewelryKillerbeads, launched in 1993, carries an extensive line of wholesale jewelry for young men and women and teenagers. “We have many lines of merchandise, including our own KB lines and officially licensed products, and we offer several categories such as shell, hemp, leather, glass, metal, wood and bone,” remarks Michelle Mosscrop, sales manager.

“A new item for men, freshly available this fall, is our bone beaded necklace in six styles. It wholesales for $2.75 to $3, and retails for $6.99 to $9.99. We’ve carried bone jewelry for a while and we’re updating it,” she points out. “A big trend right now is the little pearl necklace on a leather or suede cord. We’re making an affordable alternative to reach a broader audience. It will be a nice gift item for the holidays.” Killerbeads’ version has a faux pearl, available in one strand with one pearl and multiple strands with multiple pearls, in different colors on a leather cord. The necklaces wholesale for $2.25 to $3.50 and retail for $5.99 to $12.99. Matching bracelets are available and wholesale for $2 to $3 and retail for $4.99 to 9.99. Killerbeads is having a sale now through the end of the year. “We have a lot of good products that are 50 to 75 percent off,” Mosscrop shares. “We are in the midst of doing our product development for 2013,” she reveals.  “We have a lot of things in the works for next year including unisex hemp with bone bead pendants, which have a natural, earthy look.”

Jewelry is sold in sets of six. “A lot of jewelry companies sell by the dozen so we think this is helpful to smaller businesses,” Mosscrop notes. The minimum order is $100 and Killerbeads offers a five percent discount on orders of $500, and a 10 percent discount on orders of $1,000. Killerbeads has a very strong customer service and sales team, Mosscrop stresses. “We help our customers every step of the way and we will exchange products that aren’t moving. We keep in touch with customers to be sure they are making the most profits they can, on whatever they purchase from us.”

Whether it’s micro pavé sterling silver jewelry, watches customized with cubic zirconia bezel, stainless steel, collar or bone beaded necklaces, or affordable children’s pieces, flea market vendors have a wide array of trendy, often unique, jewelry designs at their fingertips. And with wholesalers promoting things like free shipping and product displays, no-risk return policies and huge margins, the upcoming season will be especially jolly for flea market vendors.

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