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Violet Trends at Country Fairs

September 11, 2012 by Jes Zurell  
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western express purple hat imageStill in the throes of its busiest season, the major players in Western Express’s inventory are hats, gun holsters, belt buckles and western shirts. While most of the styles are stable, being timeless and not subject to trend, owner Dan Mottsman has noticed that purple is the most demanded color of hat now. More so than in previous years, items in this hue are seeing an uptick that will be visible at country fairs and rodeos nationwide. “The business started out of necessity, but the wave of interest in western wear accelerated its growth over the years,” reveals Mottsman. Since the 1970s, Western Express has been a reliable resource for cowboy garb, with products for every price range.

Exciting Updates on the Horizon

Wholesale hats are priced between $1.50 and $35, and retail can be anywhere from $5.99 to $80. The minimum order is $125 for domestic purchases, and a steel hat rack is available for purchase as a display. New products are frequently added to all lines, though the hat line is added to most often. The firm also plans to have a brand new catalogue up in the next couple of months, before the end of the year. “Almost all of our products are up online, and we have a section for new products,” Mottsman says of the company website. “The website itself is being redesigned in September, so we’ll have a fresh look very soon.” Western Express offers ongoing specials on its website, and though Mottsman is revealing few spoilers at present, there may be some excellent wholesale deals on the horizon.

Customer service is one aspect of operations earning Western Express a great deal of praise, because representatives are so easy to reach. “We ship quickly, pay special attention to the customers and make ourselves available during and after business hours,” Mottsman points out. “In the event that we miss a customer, we get back to them very promptly.” Since the firm caters to customers both large and small, employees are acutely aware of how critical it is to get products out on time, especially for vendors during country fair season. Orders are shipped out quickly, and special arrangements can be made for last minute purchases.

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