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How Y Weng Does It All

August 2, 2012 by publisher  
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image of y weng scarf necklaceY Weng Trading was started in August of 2007 and brought to its present location in Canton, OH later that year. The wholesaler specializes in auctions, flea markets and festivals, and though all have completely different atmospheres, it caters to all three with its products. “We pride ourselves in our low-cost merchandise that allows buyers to buy items for around a dollar, then turn around and sell it for between $1 and $10,” says Shannon Miller, office manager. “We specialize in seasonal items. We always carry hats, belts, socks, crystals and other dollar store items.”

For summer, Y Weng brings in items such as wind spinners, light up toys and solar dancing flowers. The winter line, which is coming up quite soon, has items such as bomber hats, knitted hats and mohawk style hats with yarn fringe running along the center. This year, the company is introducing scarf necklaces to its inventory. “We think that will be the newest trend for the fall,” says Miller. A small selection of scarf necklaces is available online now, but in September the company plans to expand its selection. “Fashion scarves and scarf necklaces are going to do tremendously well,” Miller adds. Wholesale prices for these run between $2.25 and $3.75, with a select few priced as low as $1.75. Suggested retail can fall anywhere between $3.50 and $12.95. The minimum order throughout the store is $100, and most items are sold in dozens. Y Weng does offer volume discounts based on how many dozen items are purchased, with price breaks taking effect in increments of 12. The more you buy, the deeper the discount you get, Miller offers. The company does not, however, provide any kind of point of purchase display for its products.

Great Prices Grow Business

“I think business is definitely growing this year,” Miller points out. “The Merchandiser is the only advertiser we work with and it’s been working for us. I think people are seeing that they can really make money with this, so we’ve seen the interest level in our products grow. Additionally, our merchandise is affordable and is of great quality, meaning vendors are able to sell it very cheaply if they need to, but they can also sell our products for a higher price at specialty stores. We can fit into both worlds, and we’ll always continue to offer our products at the lowest prices we can.”

For more information:
Y Weng Trading
4770 Navarre Rd. SW Unit B
Canton, OH 44706
Tel.: 917-662-6486 or 330-479-9950
Fax: 330-479-9951
Email: ywengwholesale1@yahoo.com
Website: www.wholesalecentral.com/ywengwholesale

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