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Getting Your Max Bargain

August 9, 2012 by publisher  
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image of lucky bamboo plantBargain Max, Inc., a wholesaler, liquidator, distributor and retailer, founded in 1985 by Douglas Hipps, specializes in buying closeout merchandise and offering it at the lowest prices. The company offers a wide range of general merchandise, including dollar store items, food goods, health and beauty products, office supplies, pet supplies, toys and more. Promotions are deal specific and Bargain Max sells by the case, trailer load and pallet load. There is no minimum order, but the company strives to reach a $300 price point. Bargain Max has agreements with national chains and also works with bankruptcy courts to acquire inventory. “We wholesale to all different groups, everything from Native American reservations to Big Lots,” Hipps points out. “The export trend is nice for all goods right now, and we are exporting more than we have in the past. There seems to be money from overseas coming into the U.S., which is good for the U.S. designer and regular clothing trending up, and there is a huge demand overseas for U.S. made groceries.”

Conscientious of Clients’ Success

Hipps says customer service is the heart of Bargain Max. “We are very conscientious that our clients succeed,” Hipps stresses. “We want a marriage. We don’t want someone to buy one load of merchandise and that’s all. We call the customer and make sure it’s been a successful purchase for them, and that they have a return on their investment, and we offer subsequent deals. I’ve always believed firmly in a win-win situation.”  Perhaps that’s why the company also operates a food bank in Charlotte. “We have a lot of retirees and families with several children shopping with us. We just want the food bank to provide a service and break even. Our primary focus is to be part of the solution in the community.”

Bargain Max, Inc.
1000 E. Sugar Creek Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28205
Toll Free: 800-497-5986
Tel.: 704-277-8007
Fax: 704-371-3034
Email: bargainmax2000@hotmail.com
Website: www.closeoutcentral.com/Seller_Profile.cfm?sid=117


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  1. I always wondered how stores such as Big Lots and dollar stores found such great bargains, especially since they carry so much merchandise and it seems to change every week or so. I had no idea companies such as Bargain Max found a variety of discounts and offered them to these stores. These dollar and discount stores make it possible for people to buy everything from food to furniture on a budget.

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