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ASDLV Product Showcase: Blades, Scarf Necklaces and E-Cigarettes

August 15, 2012 by Jes Zurell  
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Image ASDLV Product ShowcaseThousands of products ranging from decorations to pet houses fill ASDLV this year, with plenty of new gadgets joining the mix. The general merchandise industry’s big event is the perfect place to get a finger on the pulse of what new items are available and, furthermore, it makes identifying current trends easy. All you have to do is watch where the largest crowds gather to know what items are moving rapidly in stores. This year, buyers are flocking to three particular types of merchandise at the show: knives and cutlery, scarf necklaces and electronic cigarettes.

Cutlery and knife booths are attracting a great deal of attention throughout the show. The general consensus from buyers is that knives have been moving quite successfully, both in stores and at flea markets. One flea market veteran, Ed Severson of Oakdale, MN, says, “I’ve been doing great with knives, swords and other tools, and today I picked up these little babies.” Pulling from his pocket a two-inch folding pocketknife made to look like a hand grenade, Severson expresses that having unusual products and a big personality has brought him more profit and enjoyment than he ever would have expected. Master Cutlery, in particular, is one of the hottest blade sellers at ASDLV.

The electronic cigarette business made a powerful entrance into the general merchandise industry several years ago and, this year at ASDLV, wholesalers are taking a slightly different approach to showing products. All e-cigarette booths are clustered together in the Casbah, an area dedicated exclusively to e-cigarettes, smoking accessories, vapor products and elaborate displays. Many booths have dancers, music and other entertainment to draw crowds, and the strategy is working. The Casbah is one of the most thriving areas of the show, and merchandise is moving in reflection of that.

Aside from blades and e-cigarettes, the scarf necklace is a popular impulse buy for attendees who peruse the cash and carry jewelry and accessories area. Draped elegantly around countless women’s necks, scarf necklaces in all colors and fabrics, hung with elephant charms or other chunky baubles, dot the show this year. With this item being so popular that buyers can’t wait to wear them, it seems that scarf necklaces will be popping up at retail stores sooner than later, likely to the same enthusiastic response.

Don’t miss ASD New York, September 9-11, at the Jacob Javits Center.

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