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Infinity Cutlery is On Point

July 5, 2012 by publisher  
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infinity cutlery imageThe transition from retail to wholesale transpired for Infinity Cutlery in 2011. Familiar with the retail industry after eight years in operation, Infinity Cutlery approached the wholesale industry with a plan for success, applying acquired best practices. “Dependability. Quality Products. Great Customer Service.  These are the three pillars that Infinity Cutlery has been built upon,” declares the company’s website.  Focusing on cutlery, martial arts equipment, and novelty items, Infinity Cutlery offers something for everyone, including collectors, martial arts dojos, history buffs and more. “We sell folding knives, pocket knives, hunting knives, machetes, Japanese swords, medieval swords, martial arts supplies and more,” says Jacky Ling, manager. “We know about our products. We test our products.”

Swords and Knives That Sell

With most of Infinity Cutlery’s employees well versed in the martial arts, Japanese swords have become a specialty, becoming a popular line among the company’s product categories. “The Japanese swords are made under our brand and we aim for the martial arts practitioner,” notes Ling. “They fully functional and good quality for a really good price.” It is Infinity Cutlery’s pocketknives, however, that appeal most to flea market vendors. Rather than swords the pocketknives are smaller can be managed and carried more easily. “We have a lot of different styles and we are always adding designs,” adds Ling. “We can also drop ship for those resellers interested.”

Recently launching the company website for ASD Las Vegas, buyers have been given an easy way to place orders and check on order history.  Buyers are invited to create a user login, explore the product details and place an order. With competitive wholesale prices, resellers can expect to usually triple their price at retail value. A minimum of $150 makes it easy for any size buyer to invest in Infinity Cutlery products.

For more information:
Infinity Cutlery, Inc.
Montclair, CA 91764
Toll Free: 888-492-9798
Tel.: 909-982-2001
Email: Use online form


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