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Royal Palm Beach Indoor Flea

July 25, 2012 by Jes Zurell  
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palm beach fleaThere will be something for everyone at the twice-annual Royal Palm Beach indoor flea market being held on Friday, July 27 at the Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center, maintained by the Department of Parks and Recreation. The event runs from noon until 4 p.m., and is expected to attract more than 500 attendees according to the cultural events superintendent, Carlos Morales. “This even gives people an opportunity to make a buck and empty their garages,” Morales tells the Palm Beach Post. The Cultural Center holds indoor flea markets twice a year in July and December. Following an unlucky string of foul weathered flea markets, the event was moved indoors and has seen much success as a result.

Action Figures Expected to Sell

The vendors’ fee is $15 for a 10’ by 10’ space. No furniture or weapons of any kind are permitted. Action figures, on the other hand, are particularly desirable at this market, especially for former special education and social studies teacher Jordan Seidrer of Loxahatchee, FL, who has religiously attended the flea market for the past few years. Seidrer has been a collector of action figures for more than 20 years and now boasts a collection numbering in the thousands, including Batman, Iron Man, Power Rangers, Spider-Man and Ninja Turtles. “I have a whole garage’s worth of action figures,” Seidrer says to the Palm Beach Post. “This is my opportunity to unload the collection.” Figures will sell anywhere from $8 for Batman and Spider-Man, to $1 for non-action figures such as Pez dispensers and baseball cards. Seidrer’s merchandise is all in mint condition and is still contained in its original packaging.

The Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center is located at 151 Civic Center Way, Palm Beach, FL. More information is available by calling 561-790-5149.

Source: The Palm Beach Post


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  1. Do they still have these flea markets in RPB? I have some items I need to sell off also?

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