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Magna Blade Keeps It Sharp

July 19, 2012 by publisher  
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image of magna bladeMagna Blade inventor and owner Rick Gherman has a limited background in science and innovation, but when he had the idea for a product that would use magnetic energy to improve the longevity and performance of his razor blades, he knew he was onto something. “The problem with other products was that they were large and clumsy blocks of plastic that would sit on a counter and become gooey from soap and shaving grime,” Gherman says. He had a prototype made in 2005, contacted a patent attorney and got down to business. In working with prototype magnets, he discovered that the energy field created by two north to north ceramic magnets was many times stronger than between a conventional configuration of magnets.

Making The Most Out of Every Blade

“The Magna Blade makes razors last two to six times longer than they would last without the product,” Gherman explains. “The magnetic fields prevent the separation of iron molecules at the blade edge, which causes the blade to last longer. You don’t see it happening, but it essentially sits on your counter or shower wall and lets you enjoy the benefits of longevity.” Gherman is thrilled to now offer the product to vendors because he has observed that it sells much more successfully at flea market booths and small shops than it does online. When people can see the Magna Blade up close, he feels, the simple yet powerful concept makes much more sense. “People can’t believe it until they see how it functions,” he points out.

Magna Blades sell to vendors for $9.95 each for one dozen units. If a vendor buys 24 Magna Blades there is a five percent discount, and for orders of 36 or more there is a 10 percent discount. The minimum order is 12 units and free shipping is provided for all orders. Suggested retail for the product is $19.95. Gherman plans to contribute the majority of profits to the Wounded Warriors Project, Folds of Honor and The Fisher House. “When servicemen need help and I have the opportunity to do something about it, I want to use this device to help me fulfill that purpose,” Gherman expresses.

For more information:
Magna Blade LLC
PO Box 1312
Pebble Beach, CA 93953
Toll free: 877-520-7749

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