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Scribbleband is the Wristband Kids Can Write On

May 2, 2012 by Jaclyn Allard  
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Scribbleband is the wristband kids can write onScribblebands are promising to be more than the next big wave in youth wristbands, serving as a fun and functional accessory for all ages. Created in January of last year, the Scribbleband is a patented wristband that can be written and rewritten on, using an ordinary erasable marker. “With Scribblebands, users are now able to write their reminders, notes, phone numbers, school assignments and more, while keeping the message safe and in sight,” says owner and creator, Dave Bullock. “Some of the best responses have been from parents who are writing fun messages and important reminders to their kids.” In fact, it was Bullock’s role as a teacher and parent that helped inspire the product idea. “I grew increasingly tired of seeing my students and children constantly writing on their hand, or arm or that of a friend.”

With this very common problematic practice of note-taking, and the popularity of wristbands, Scribbleband is an inventive and profitable solution. “We are very encouraged about the future of Scribblebands,” says Bullock. The eco-friendly silicon bracelets are currently available in three sizes of five unique and eye-catching swirl color designs, and feature a large writing surface. An increased band width provides extra durability and support.

Special Discount Available Through July

The Scribbleband sells on average for $4.95 retail with a wholesale cost of $2.50, giving the retailer a 100 percent profit. “Being as this is a new product, however, I’m providing a special four month discount between the months of April and July,” notes Bullock. The specials include a deal to buy 100 to 299 bands with a 15 percent savings on the wholesale cost, 300 to 599 bands for a 20 percent discount, and 600 plus bands for 25 percent discount. The company will pay shipping charges on all orders of 200 or more Scribblebands. “As an additional bonus, if you buy 200 or more bands you will receive a very attractive POP display that will help in-store advertising,” says Bullock. The Scribbleband comes with a bar coded hang tag with all the graphics attractively displayed. Minimum order is 100 bands.

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