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Perfumeir FragrancesS.E.F., doing business today as, attributes its success to a long history in the fragrance and scented products trade, an idea born in 1928 in Lebanon that became a lucrative business supporting many generations. It was in 1980 that the family business was brought to the U.S., as a grandson, following in the footsteps of the generations before him, opened his own fragrance business and expanded it over the years using the skills he had learned back home. It was the experiential wisdom gained through decades of business that helped in 2000 when the economy and housing market started to falter. “We had an obligation to work with our customers. We gave the lowest prices capable,” says a spokesperson for “Since then we have stood strong and survived the rough times. We are here to stay and no matter what happens we will help our customers, giving them the best service possible.” For this purpose S.E.F. started doing business as in 2012. The associated ecommerce website provides deals on product lines like Liz Claiborne, Calvin Kline, Bond and Creed and an exclusive line known as Attar Sharifa to a wider customer base.

Cost Conscious Fragrances and Scented Products

And while the heart and soul of the business is in fragrances, also offers associated skin care, hair care and clothing products. “We have more than 500 lines available from French designers, American designers and more,” explains’s spokesperson. “We do not have a best seller due to the fact that every customer has his or her own favorite fragrance or scented product.” Name brand fragrances are made by their respective companies. simply sells and handles the product, offering only authentic merchandise. “We grauntee all of our products are 100 percent real. We only carry genuine brand name perfumes, colognes and beauty products and all other products, absolutely no imitations or knock-offs whatsoever,” the spokesperson says.┬áThe company is proud of its lineup of fragrance oils and lotions, as well as its other skin and hair care products. Ranging from hundreds of dollars to a wholesale cost of less than a dollar,’s products are profitable with potential for success in new businesses and established businesses. The minimum order is only $100.

No matter how big or small a business is, flea market vendors and retailers alike, has made the commitment to work with their customers until the end, honoring good one on one customer service. “Our products are perfect for any business or vendor because of the cost, meeting today’s economic needs,” says’s spokesperson. “Our customers are not just our customers, they are our partners. We support them. If our customers stay in business, we stay in business.”

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