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Direct Source Worldwide Offers Quality and Value

April 30, 2012 by Gloria Mellinger  
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Direct Source WorldwideWith connections to key people in the closeout industry and 16 years of experience, Gabe Oszter, President of Direct Source Worldwide, Inc., says he is able to sell a vast array of merchandise at incredibly low prices. “Our slogan is ‘quality and value at their best,’” Oszter states. “I have things nobody else has at a price no one else can offer.”

Oszter says he has earned a decent reputation over the years. “Some of the biggest guys know me as a source to get merchandise cheaper than anywhere else.” And Oszter sells just about everything including general merchandise, greeting cards, electronics and cosmetics. American Greetings and Hallmark cards and health and beauty product lines are a few of his best sellers. Other popular items are Duracell batteries, soaps, and anything with a brand name. “I get into product lines that I can resell for less than anyone else,” Oszter emphasizes. “I focus on things that I can get for a low price and I usually sell things for less than manufacturer’s cost.”

Decorative Border Paper is Available at Low Cost

An example of a high quality, low price item presently available at Direct Source Worldwide is pre-pasted, scrubbable decorative border paper.  It is 15 feet long and 6.5 inches wide. “Home Depot and Lowe’s sells this border paper for $18 to $28 dollars,” according to Oszter. “The actual wholesale price is around $8, the manufacturer’s cost is $3, and I sell it for .35 to .75 cents. No one else can come close to selling this product at these prices.” Direct Source Worldwide does not require a minimum order quantity. “I try to set up the account for a couple of hundred dollars,” Oszter says, “but I know they’ll be ordering more anyway.”

Closeout distributors, wholesalers and retailers buy from Direct Source Worldwide.  Eight years ago Oszter expanded his reach to include flea market and swap meet vendors. “My items are popular with flea market retailers,” he points out, “especially the general merchandise.” Oszter has a kinship with flea market vendors, having sold merchandise himself at flea markets in Budapest, Hungary, before coming to the U.S. at age 16.

For more information:
Direct Source Worldwide, Inc.
125 Baltic Street
Weber City, VA 24290
Tel.: 917-589-7432

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