Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Mile High Marketplace Revisits Flea Market Roots

During its 35 plus years of operation, Mile High Marketplace has evolved into an expansive network of buyers and sellers, as well as a point of interest among community locals and visitors of the Rocky Mountain Region. And while the Mile High Market continues its success year in and year out, seeing an excess of one million visitors a year who come for attractions, food and unique products, the Market has not forgotten its roots as a flea market, where visitors once sold their wares at bargain prices in the parking lot of a Commerce City dog track. “To honor this history we are excited to make the transition back to our original name this year, to the Mile High Flea Market,” says Rob Sieban, CEO.

A Flea Market with Flare and Entertainment Value

And while Mile High Flea Market isn’t a modest flea market by any means with 88 paved acres and 1,500 vendor locations up for rent, it is committed to family values and good old fashioned fun. “We believe we have a strong formula for success and are interested in acquiring other markets to continue testing this formula in the near future,” notes Sieban. But for now, Sieban has a year round operation to keep him busy. Currently housing a traditional flea market, a farmer’s market, new shops, antiques, kids rides and events, Mile High Flea Market has a little something for everyone.

Located in the Rocky Mountain Region, 13 miles north of Denver, CO, Mile High Flea Market experiences wonderful weather and in turn an extended peak season between the months of February to October. “But even our off season has been known to see a record number of sellers and buyers,” says Sieban. With vending spaces available both indoor and outdoor, some of the more permanent sellers find a home in the indoor spaces for year round sales. Mile High’s associated Farmer’s Market, the only year round farmer’s market in Colorado, also ensures year round business. “We service not only individuals but restaurant clientele as well,” notes Sieban. “And while the offerings are somewhat seasonal there are staples that are favorites among the community, such as the fresh roasted chili peppers.”

Whether people come to sell, buy, walk, ride, eat and more, they are a part of Mile High Flea Market’s community and its success. “Every year we try to enhance the Market for these visitors, making continual investments that will have them coming back for more,” Sieban explains. This year flea market goers can expect a music series that features many local and regional bands, sports player signings and meet and greets, as well as the annual Easter Egg hunt (April 7). All events are listed on the Mile High website. “And if people just want to partake in our traditional flea market operation, they can contact us ahead of time for a vending spot or drive right up the day of and be assigned to a place for setup,” notes Sieban. “It’s that easy.”

To learn about other regional flea markets in your part of the country, check out Flea Market and Swap Meet News.

For more information:
Mile High Flea Market
7007 East 88th Ave.
Henderson, CO 80640
Tel.: 303-289-4656
Fax: 303-286-1922
Email: Use online form
Website: www.milehighmarketplace.com


2 Responses to “Mile High Marketplace Revisits Flea Market Roots”
  1. C. Henderson says:

    I am attempting to locate the OLD Denver flee-market. Was it on Federal, or Wadsworth?


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