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GFD Packages Incense Profits

March 20, 2012 by Jaclyn Allard  
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GFD IncenseGFD Imports, based in Ohio, is best known as a distributor of the extremely popular, Wild Berry Incense, but also carries an extensive line of other scented products, including cones, fragrance oils and the newest addition, candles. “We also have a large selection of incense burners,” says Sydney Ferrario, who sells to a variety of outlets including tanning salons, gas stations, head shops, smoke shops, boutiques and flea market vendors. Scented products and incense always enjoy a strong following, but GFD has an edge over the competition, based on sales reports from the field. “We’ve gotten a good turnover and repeat business for our product,” says Ferrario. “Combined with our customer service, GFD Imports has a lot to offer.”

Fun and Functional Fragrances for Any Home

Carrying close to 100 different fragrances, all of them true to their names, there are a few highlighted best sellers. These include the Wild Berry Incense, Fizzy Pop, Patchouli and Ocean Wind. “Essentially, we have something for everyone,” notes Ferrario. The company offers its incense stick products in three sizes; Biggie Sticks are 19 inch sticks that burn for over three hours each, Shorty Sticks offer four inches of incense, and most popular are the 11 inch sticks. “Our 11 inch sticks wholesale for $8 per hundred, retailing for $20 per hundred,” says Ferrario. “However, we ask our customers, especially those just starting out, to invest in a starter kit.”

GFD recommends a starter kit for first time orders. “We have one kit that wholesales for $335 and includes two bundles, or 200 sticks of each of the 18 top selling fragrances, for a total of 3,600 sticks,” Ferrario notes. “It also comes with display jars, a display stand, 400 Ziploc bags, a POP sign and a window sign. It will return at least $720 at retail,” he adds. In addition, GFD will include an extra free bundle of incense sticks to be sold or given away as samples, plus 18 free ash catchers that normally retail for $1.99 each. If retailers are looking for a more basic starter kit, or even one with the works, GFD Imports has other package deals available.

“We’re here to help everyone,” Ferrario says. “We strive for our customers to double their money at a minimum.” Ferrario also makes it known that GFD Imports is proud to distribute its all time best seller, Wild Berry Incense. “Over 6,000 stores in the U.S. carry it,” he adds. “It is also sold in South America, Europe, and Japan.” The company offers a guarantee that if within 60 days retailers do not sell more than half of the opening order (Wild Berry or other products), GFD will buy back the remaining stock at wholesale. “Just send back the display materials, along with the bags and incense, and we will send a check within 10 days,” explains Ferrario.

For more information:
GFD Imports?Wild Berry Incense Distributors
P.O. Box 526
Oxford, OH 45056
Tel.: 765-732-3812
Toll Free: 800-824-6521
Fax: 765-732-3314
Email: syd@incensewholesale.com
Website: www.incensewholesale.com


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