Tuesday, October 23, 2018

GENCO Marketplace to Offer Liquidated Returns from The Home Depot

Genco Home DepotGENCO Marketplace, a well-known wholesale liquidator of retail returns and surplus inventory, will be adding store returns from The Home Depot to its current liquidation offers. As a subsidiary of GENCO ATC, North America’s second largest logistics provider, GENCO officials are happy to announce the exclusive contract with The Home Depot. “Home improvement products are very difficult to find in the secondary market,” says Tom McElroy, vice president of marketing and eCommerce. “These products are perfect for builders and contractors, as well as businesses who resell to ‘do-it-yourselfers’ looking for discounted home improvement products.”

Home Improvement Liquidations for Markets Servicing Do It Yourselfers

The liquidation program is part of The Home Depot’s aggressive corporate sustainability program. Most lots received by GENCO Marketplace will include a mix of different manufacturers’ products. However, some lots will be “return-to-vendor” inventory made up of high-quality product from a single manufacturer. All lots will include a manifest that registered buyers can view online prior to purchase.

Retailers can expect about every category of product available at stores and assorted into multiple product groups, including home products such as small appliances, plumbing and electrical, hardware, lighting, and big box appliances. Retailers are expected to maximize recovery value on the inventory and maximize reuse of products that might otherwise have gone into the waste stream. Buyers who would like more information on GENCO Marketplace’s home improvement lots can contact Alan Mongelluzzo at 412-820-3963, alan.mongelluzzo@gencoatc.com or Nick DiPaola at 412-820-3992, Nick.Dipaola@gencoatc.com.

For more information:
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Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Toll Free: 800-677-3110
Website: www.gencoatc.com, www.gencomarketplace.com


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