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Signs and More from SJT Enterprises

February 7, 2012 by Justin Carretta  
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SJTPeople love to show off the things that they are proud of, allowing them to announce to the world their favorite sports teams and other passions. SJT Enterprises sells a vast collection of signs ideal for game rooms and other man caves around the country. Celebrating 27 years in business this March, SJT started out as a small sideline business in a spare bedroom, growing into about 7,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space.

SJT’s best-selling items are wooden plaques with either various dog breeds or professional and college sports teams on them. Measuring 5 by 10 inches in size, the signs are designed to look like a primitive or rustic-looking item, with twine as a hanger. According to SJT president and owner Tim Smith, the products sell extremely well because people are drawn to the signs due to the love of their dogs and sports teams.  “The art in the signs, for the dog breeds specifically, is second to none, so when people see their beagle or their yorkie on there, the quality of the artwork grabs their attention and it becomes almost an emotional purchase,” he says. “They smile and laugh because the signs remind them of their dog, which is more than just a pet, it’s a member of the family. That gets them excited and helps increase sales, because they often pick one up for themselves, but they also pick one up for their mom or their sister.”

Smith notes that the most common way for stores or vendors to purchase SJT’s dog signs is with a free-standing floor display that features four each of 48 of the most common breeds, for a total of 192 pieces. With a wholesale price of $2.79 each, it works out to a total of $535.68. The sports signs are usually more of a regional purchase—Arizona Cardinals signs are likely not to be incredibly popular in New Jersey, but Giants, Jets, and Eagles plaques would be—so buyers usually look for the local teams to carry.

There are new signs in the works, as well. “We just came out with some new wooden plaques that feature various sea life, such as dolphins and sea turtles,” Smith adds. “The art on them was licensed from two different artists, and the artwork is just beautiful. That is what really sells it, but we can also put a name drop in there. So if the store is in Florida, it can say Key West, Florida, or just Florida. Wherever they happen to be, they just tell us what city or state they want in the name drop, and we do that for them and ship it out for the same $2.79 price as the other signs.” In addition, two new styles of signs, in ‘Man Cave’ and ‘Neighborhood Pub’ designs,” offering personalized male names, are being rolled out.SJT

Made in the USA

One of SJT’s biggest selling points is that all of its products are made in the United States. “On the back of the plaques, it says ‘Made in USA, Not in China,’ Smith notes. “People love to see that not only that it is made in the US but that we added ‘Not in China,’ just because so many people are sick and tired that everything appears to be made in China. That really helps increase sales, I have found. We get emails or calls every week from consumers around the country that saw that and wanted to take a minute to say thank you for making it here.”

On top of the signs, the wholesaler sells a variety of other products that are personalized for different audiences. This includes waterproof car magnets that contain a UV protective laminate film, which stops them from being faded by the sun. The line features assorted dog breeds with different sayings, as well as souvenir magnets. The magnets are black 4 by 8 inch rectangular signs with white lettering that don’t damage your car like stickers can, wholesaling for $1.50 apiece. One of the newest product lines SJT offers are canvas tote bags with dog breeds on them, stating that the owner is “Loved” by a German Shepherd, Lab, or Beagle, with more than 2 dozen varieties currently available.

For flea market vendors, the signs have a broad appeal. “The dog plaques in particular have done very well in the flea markets,” Smith explains. “People who operate in those kind of venues do extremely well because most of the time the shoppers who come there have a dog.” With the wholesale price at $2.79, vendors usually make at least 100% on the signs, with most selling them for $6 to $8 each and some able to sell as high as $10, depending on the demographics. With a minimum order of only $100, vendors can purchase as little as three dozen plaques, mixing and matching items to get exactly what they need for their particular booth.

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