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Crown7 E-Cigarettes

February 3, 2012 by Justin Carretta  
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Crown7E-Cigarette wholesaler Crown7 was incorporated in April 2007, offering buyers an authentic smoking experience without the odor and second-hand smoke of traditional cigarettes. Providing cartridges with varying levels of nicotine, Crown7 e-cigarettes are fueled by a smoke-like vapor that consists of propylene glycol, water, nicotine and flavor. Sold in both rechargeable kits and disposables, the e-cigs are available as either menthol or  tobacco flavored.

According to President and CEO Ron MacDonald, Crown7 stands out because of its commitment to pricing, quality, customer service and taste. “We get a lot of customer feedback on the taste of our e-cigarettes,” he notes. “It tastes more like a traditional cigarette than other brands.” In addition, the company supplies free point of purchase materials, and encourages buyers to contact Crown7’s office directly for warranty questions and other issues.

For Flea Market Buyers

Crown7 has a number of package deals available that are ideal for the flea market and swap meet buyer. “The disposable products come in a perforated cardboard package, where the sides peel off and it’s ready to display,” MacDonald says. “We also offer a Lucite case that will hold all of our products for display.” For vendors who are just looking to get into the electronic cigarette market, either the rechargeable or disposable products are bound to be a success for their table or booth. “I would recommend a complete lineup,” MacDonald adds. “If you get the refillable cartridges, you will get a number of return customers, but if you also carry the disposables, which are less expensive than the disposable kit, it allows buyers to use the e-cigarettes without having to spend the additional money on a rechargeable kit.”

MacDonald adds that Crown7 offers some of the highest margins in the industry, up to 400% for certain products, and does not have a minimum order size.

For more information:
8350 East Evans Rd., Suite A7
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Tel: 480-348-7899
Fax: 888-873-8094
Email: Support@crown7.com
Website: www.crown7.com

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