Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cookeville Mall Flea Market to Open

MallA new flea market with room for up to 600 booths is scheduled to open in February at the former Cookeville Mall building in Tennessee, according to a report in the Herald-Citizen. The mall, which has been vacant for the past eight years, has been revitalized to prepare for the grand opening, with the interior portion of the building cleaned out and gutted. In addition, work is underway to replace the roof, update the HVAC system, and renovate the sprinkler system.

Opening in Three Phases

Featuring 126,000 square feet of selling space, the Cookeville Mall Flea Market will originally have 214 booths, and is gearing up to be an upscale flea market, with heating and air conditioning on top of a vast array of merchandise. Set to open in three distinct phases, the flea market will eventually have all 600 booths and a food court operational.

The market will be open Fridays 8am – 8pm, Saturdays 8am – 6pm, and Sundays 8am – 4pm. A website is currently being developed, but for more information, call manager Charlie Whited at 931-349-5710.

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  1. Angela says:

    I need some info on booth rental for a food booth and what I need to do or get to do so,,,include prices or you can call me at 931-335-1144 after 11 am each day thank you so much Angela

  2. Cindy bennett says:

    What are the mall flea market hours and days? Do they still have wig vendors in there? Thanks

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