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Scents from India by VD Importers

December 2, 2011 by Justin Carretta  
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VD ImportersWith the holidays approaching, customers are looking for pleasant-smelling products to give as gifts to their loved ones. VD Importers, based in Miami, Florida, features over 100 different fragrances in their line of incense sticks, oils, perfumes and candles imported directly from India and ideal for any season of the year.

Great For Flea Markets

Vineet Gupta, president of VD Importers, notes that his products are especially appropriate for the flea market audience because of the low cost. “Our prices are much lower than our competitors, and at the same time we are providing them with very good stuff,” he says. “For instance, we sell bundle incense, loose incense sticks, that we wholesale for $1.50 for 100 11-inch colored sticks, with a free cardboard display if you buy 100 bundles. Another product that has been successful has been Divine Aroma Oils. Both of these items have been very good sellers in flea markets.” ½ ounce bottles of Divine Aroma Oils are available in more than 60 different fragrances, wholesaling for .65 each, usually retailing between $1.99 and $2.50. They are also available in 2 ounce bottles for $1.25 each, or in a 16-ounce bottle for $8 each, with two different wooden displays available for $40 each.

Another of the company’s specialties is Nag Champa, an Indian fragrance derived from the Champa, or Plumeria, tree and flowers. It is known for having a strong, unique scent and has been very popular in the yoga community. The fragrance is mostly used in incense, but VD also sells Nag Champa scented soap and Rose and Sandlewood cones. The Nag Champa incense burners sell for $7.75 for a dozen for orders up to 12 and $7.50 per dozen for 13 or more orders, retailing for between $18 and $24. The VD Importers website, hosted through WholesaleCentral.com, allows customers to quickly and easily purchase items, letting the customer know if there are free displays available and whether there are quantity discounts available.

Gupta often offers incentives for customers to buy his products. “We often have a deal of the month,” he says. “Sometimes we offer free shipping. Sometimes we offer a 10% discount. In October, we had free displays for our fragrance oils.” In addition, Gupta stresses the unique appeal of his products in the marketplace. “We specialize in candles, incense and fragrance oils imported from India,” he says. “There is nobody else that specializes in these kinds of products.” The minimum order for VD Importers is $100.

For More Information:
VD Importers, Inc.
4960 NW 165 St., Unit B-20
Miami, FL 33014
Tel: 305-620-2006
Fax: 1-305-620-7545
Email: tradeoneusa@gmail.com
Website: http://www.vdimporters.com


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