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High Markups and Fast Service from DP and Company

December 28, 2011 by Justin Carretta  
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DPDP and Company sells wholesale tools, tarps, air soft guns, knives and swords to flea markets, independent retailers and online sellers. Offering incredibly low prices, DP ships quickly and has an extensive range of products for sale. “The core of the company has always been our tool selection and our tarps,” says Michael Averett, marketing director. “We import our tarps directly and they’re some of the highest quality tarps that you can get in the United States.”

“Our biggest growth segment over the past couple years has definitely been the air soft guns,” Averett adds. “I think people have gotten away from paintballing, because air soft is cheaper overall and it’s more realistic. It’s really growing by leaps and bounds. Our biggest addition in 2011 was licensed products, so everything that is in our licensed gun categories, such as the Smith & Wessons, and the Colts, are modeled after real guns. We added them in March, and they are still growing.”

Same Day Shipping

The company prides itself on incredibly fast service, with orders placed by 2 pm eastern time generally shipping the same day. Averett notes that orders placed over the weekend will be sent out on Monday, along with the other orders placed that day, ensuring orders through DP and Company are shipped quicker than just about any other wholesaler in the business. In addition, the customer service department is ready to take care of any problem a buyer may have.

DP’s products are a great fit for the flea market audience because of their great prices, allowing for markups of 100% or more on about three quarters of the wholesaler’s items. “The price point of the products we sell is awfully low, and it allows people to be able to determine their margins for their area,” Averett says. “With the air soft guns, the general rule of thumb is to sell at double the wholesale price, but with our prices being so low, people can triple or even quadruple their money.” The low minimum order size of $50 allows customers to make small orders when necessary, and local customers can visit the Bushnell, Florida warehouse Monday through Friday to make a purchase.

At the end of January, DP will officially launch its new drop shipping site,, which will have the same product mix as the wholesale site, with a membership fee for customers who want to sell directly off the company’s website to sell through Ebay, Amazon, or in stores.

For more information:
DP and Company
7743 State Rd 471
Bushnell, FL 33513
Tel: 352-678-3661
Toll Free: 1-800-421-9755
Fax: 352-568-2232

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