Sunday, December 16, 2018

AquaDuck Flea Market Thrives

AquaDuckThe Aqueduct Flea Market may have closed, but the AquaDuck Flea Market aims to be a worthy replacement for the legendary Queens staple. Opened on June 18th, the flea market currently has room for over 200 vendors, but will soon expand to a capacity of 350 to 400 vendors. “My business partner, Big Steve Valenti, had been working at Aqueduct for a really long time, and had a great network of other vendors that were evaluating other options,” says Dominic Ammerman, operator of the flea market. “None of the options resonated with the hardcore vendor base, and most were forced to make a short-term choice that was not ideal. We wanted an environment that could begin, over time, to emulate the best parts of Aqueduct, and in March we started talking and secured the lease for this property. Since the market’s opening in June, we expanded 50% after the first month, and will soon double in size to 100,000 square feet of vending space, or an entire New York City block.”

The market, which is open year-round on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays from 8 to 6, consistently operates above 90% capacity, which has driven the expansion. In addition, the unique location, well positioned and convenient for visitors, provides easy access to the flea market. Ammerman notes that the Aqueduct name has such a positive connotation for consumers and vendors, so the choice was made to select AquaDuck, maintaining the same phonetic sound, because there was no need to replace a great name.

Getting the Word Out

AquaDuck has been vigilant in advertising and branding the new market. “Long before we opened, we advertised like crazy,” Ammerman says. “We probably have handed out half a million glossy flyer postcards, and we continue to do that every week. We’ve had full-page advertisements in newspapers, aired commercials on a bunch of different radio stations, and now have a television ad running on Time Warner Cable. The reception has been quite positive. I think one of the things that resonates a lot with the vendors is that there is an awful lot of commitment behind pushing the market to make it successful, which ultimately makes them successful.”

“Our goal is to continue to make the profile of the market in the customer world be as big as it possibly can, so we continue to explore how best to do that,” Ammerman adds. “We’re getting great reception from bus companies that bring people in from Boston, Pittsburgh, Maryland, Virginia, and the Carolinas. For a lot of those companies and their patrons, after Aqueduct closed, there weren’t a lot of organized bus trips. They really were not very happy with the alternatives that were available in the New York area.”

The AquaDuck Flea Market is located at 12637 Flatlands Avenue, on the corner of Flatlands and Fountain Avenue, in Brooklyn. Daily rentals are available for $80 for 10×25 spots and $60 for either 10×10 or10x15; however, a majority of the vendors rent on a monthly basis. For more information, call (516) 996-3558 or email


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  1. Jeff Potish says:

    After being in this hard business since 1984, it is a pleasure to meet two of the finest men that actually know how to run a Flea Market and treat their vendors with respect. They are willing and able to accomodate all their vendors to the best of their ability without making you feel like you are some peon. I could not thank Dominick and Steve enough for the respect that they show.

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