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Phat Heads Aim to Stay Unique

October 25, 2011 by Justin Carretta  
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Phat HeadEvery holiday season, there is a new collectible that causes a stir, and Cajole is hoping their Phat Head Gang string dolls are the next big item. With a line of over 100 different string dolls available for purchase, ranging from friendly characters to scary ones, the company wants its pirates, athletes, and army men to be on every child’s wish list.

“It really is a growing market,” says Jason Barlow, co-founder of the company. “If you have a decent-sized display, they are a magnet for attention, and that is when people go through and connect with them. We’re going to be expanding on the thoroughness of the characters, their descriptions, and developing our website to be user-friendly, expanding on some possible social interaction for individuals with their characters.” This will include the ability for users to post their collections on Facebook and on the Phat Head Gang website.

Barlow says that there is no question Phat Head is the highest quality string doll on the market, noting that Cajole are the only supplier that gets the dolls from Thailand, where they were originally created, while other companies often have supply shortages since they are pulling from one source in China. He adds that the company will continue to improve the brand.

“We launched Phat Head last spring, and continue to refine it each generation that we do it,” Barlow says. “We’re adding a holographic sticker to the tag that will have a unique number for every single string doll. The unique number will make that doll more collectible, because it’s the only one, similar to a Cabbage Patch Kids. We will also have different tags identifying each individual character. It’s on our next printing, which should be here before the end of the year.”

Many different options available for purchasing

Phat Heads are available in multiple packages—including a point of purchase counter display that holds 18 characters, a medium-sized counter display that holds 36, and a floor display with room for more than 100. Barlow notes that Cajole has a pricing structure with discounts that works well for the flea market vendor to help move a lot of product quickly. They are currently offering a deal, through November, that anybody who buys 54 string dolls—3 each of 18 characters—will receive an additional set of 18 for free. In addition, they have some show specials currently running that include displays, and the products have been selling very well.  “A lot of the stores have had really good success with our dolls,” Barlow says. “We’re constantly developing to expand new characters and new ideas.”

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