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The Soap Guy wants flea market vendors to clean up

September 20, 2011 by Michael Alterio  
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The Soap Guy

Olive oil soaps from The Soap Guy.

Nine years ago, Jeff Dorrian was making candles and selling them at church bazaars and fall festivals. On a whim, he tried making and selling soap, and after that, his business bubbled. Now he’s “The Soap Guy.”

“I had been making soap, and I didn’t have a name for my business. Customers would call and ask for ‘the soap guy,’ and that’s how I got the name,” says Dorrian. “We make premier hand made olive oil soap, and I’d say 20 percent to 30 percent of our customers use flea markets and farmer’s markets to supplement their sales.”

Dorrian says that there are two factors that set his product apart, resulting in a hot seller at flea markets and swap meet settings. First is quality. “Because ours is hand-made and includes premium ingredients, we think that for the pricing, our quality is far and above what everybody else is offering from any other manufacturer,” he explains. Second, “we’re focusing on unique fragrances that no one else is offering.” For example, The Soap Guy offers Bondi Breeze and Seaweed Salt Scrub.

The company is making it easy for flea market vendors to get into the business. “We have a special offer for flea market people,” says Dorrian. “A $192 lot gets you 192 assorted best-selling bars for $1 each, with free shipping. You can generally get 100 percent to 200 percent markup on this product depending on your local market. You can get $3 per bar for this soap easily in most markets.”

For more information, contact The Soap Guy on the company Web site or call (312) 320-5862.


4 Responses to “The Soap Guy wants flea market vendors to clean up”
  1. kiki Bailey says:

    Does your soap come in many fragrances and colors or only what is shown on picture?

  2. Hello what I would like to know is how many different scents do you get with the $192.00 lot, & what scents are they.

    Thank You
    Angela Anthony

  3. Thom Bell says:

    Got a great package deal from Jeff last week and launched my daughters new soap business this past weekend. 20 bricks, 10 labels per brick, soap cutter. Great deal ! Business was slow overall but the soap sold well. Customers are happy, daughter is happy, and my investment is paying off.
    Thanks to all your staff for making this all come together on such short notice.

  4. Kathy Gonzalez says:

    Please tell me the fragrances you have, the size of the bars. Thank you!

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