Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Professional beekeeper launches a flea market

Larry Dickson

Larry Dickson sells his company's honey at his new flea market.

Larry Dickson is making it his business to create homes for busy bees — both the kind that make honey and the kind that sell at flea markets. The professional apiarist needed to supplement the income he was getting from his honey making and distribution business, Promised Land Honey Co., so he opened his property in Camas, Wash., to yard sale sellers. With the closure of several other local swap meets, professional vendors looking for a home have found one at his Buzzin’ Bee Flea Market. “It was an evolutionary transformation,” says Dickson. “I opened the market sale to help with rent. And we’ve had some exciting results.”

Dickson opened by offering indoor consignment tables and a rummage sale, but he is phasing out the consignment option. Now he offers spaces indoors and out, with room for 30 to 35 spaces indoors, and 15 to 20 outdoors. Currently, he has five anchor tenants who have signed up long term, 12 consignment vendors, and room for daily or weekend vendors who stop by. He also sells his honey, of course. He charges about $10 per space per day, and has been advertising online.

Buzzin' Bee

“The community response has been great,” Dickson says. “We’re on a good growth run. The plan is to fill the building with table vendors.” The Buzzin’ Bee Flea Market is open year round, and features free coffee and donuts. Dickson is hoping to attract a food vendor, but local regulations make that problematic and expensive, he says.

For more information, call Larry Dickson at (360) 798-2444 or e-mail larry@plhoneyco.com.

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