Tuesday, January 22, 2019

New Pegasus Plaza Outdoor Market takes flight in October

A year-old monthly flea market and a community development group in Texas are teaming up to create a new weekly flea market that will hold at least four sessions in October. The new Pegasus Plaza Outdoor Market, named for its venue in downtown Dallas, is intended to “promote local businesses and artists,” as well as to “bring feet to the street of downtown,” according to a press release.

Pegasus Plaza flea market

Pegasus Plaza in downtown Dallas will host a weekly flea market in October.

Brandon Castillo started the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market, a monthly swap meet, in July last year. His market will be providing the vendors and the entertainment for the Pegasus Plaza flea market. A community group, Downtown Dallas Inc., is hosting the market’s sessions at the plaza, an open space at the corner of Main St. and Akard that it manages.

C.C. Gonzalez-Kurz, community relations manager for Downtown Dallas Inc., says that the market was inspired by the desire to bring people together to use public spaces. “We wanted to have more community-driven events downtown. Maybe they can do some early Christmas shopping or pick up some organic fruit. A local market is just perfect,” she says. “If it does well, we will look into it for the future. But we’ll see how this first time goes around.”

Designed to appeal to the downtown office worker demographic, the market will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the four Fridays in October. One block of Akard will be closed to automobile traffic for the markets.

For information on the new Pegasus Plaza Outdoor Market, visit its Web site. Vendors must supply or rent a pop-up tent; 10×10 spaces cost $50 for one day, with discounts for those who reserve more days. The deadline for vendors is Oct. 1.

Sept. 23 Update: Quotes from C.C. Gonzalez-Kurz were added to this article.

Photo credit, with thanks: jeansophie on flickr.

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